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Pixel GIF This working group is the home for development of proposed ASHRAE standard 223P Semantic Data Model for Analytics and Automation Applications in Buildings. It is also developing guidance for enhancements to the BACnet standard that relate to the use of the Tags properties in BACnet objects.
BACnet Logo Official Web Site of ASHRAE SSPC 135
SSPC 135 is sub-divided into "working groups." The activities of the current working groups are summarized here.

Active Working Groups
Inactive/Historical Working Groups

Active Working Groups
The working groups in this section are actively pursuing additions and revisions to the standard.
AP-WG : Applications
This group will develop concepts and requirements for interoperability on higher semantic levels, beyond object types. This will include semantic tags, relationships, and applications-oriented "profiles" to augment building data that represent various building equipment and automation devices such as chillers, air handlers, VAV controllers, sensors, and actuators. For drafting the proposed ASHRAE Standard 223P, the group will focus primarily on the concepts for such semantic information. This group has established collaboration with Brick Schema and Project Haystack.
DM-WG : Data Modeling
The DM-WG is responsible for developing the BACnet framework(s) for complex data models both on the wire and in other machine readable formats (such as CSML and JSON). They work in cooperation with the other working groups (AP, SG, etc) to ensure that the framework(s) developed meet the needs of their specific use cases.
EL-WG : Elevator
The EL-WG is developing extensions to allow the monitoring of elevator systems with the BACnet protocol.
IT-WG : Information Technology
This group recently completed the development of a new secure datalink layer for BACnet, BACnet/SC (defined in Addendum bj), that is built upon WebSockets and TLS.  Future projects will include the development of new BACnet functionality that will complement BACnet/SC, such as enhancements to the Network Port Object.
LA-WG : Lighting Applications
This group will research, draft, and propose additions to the BACnet standard to support the requirements of lighting control applications. The group will work in cooperation with the NEMA Lighting Control Council, and the Illumination Engineering Society Controls Committee.
LSS-WG : Life Safety and Security
This new group will research, draft, and propose additions to the BACnet standard to support the requirements of life safety and security applications. The first systems to be tackled were fire alarm and control systems. The group has developed several new objects and services to this end.
NS-WG : Network Security
The Network Security Working Group works on a variety of AAA (Authentication/Authorization/Auditing) topics and collaborates on security aspects with other groups such as the DM-WG (BACnet Web Services) and the IT-WG (BACnet Secure Connect). In addition to protecting communications, the group's scope also includes Auditing and Reporting mechanisms to track network actors and their actions.
OS-WG : Objects and Services
This group is working on "infrastructure" modifications needed to support new objects or new services. The addition of, and refinements to, existing general purpose objects and services are typically prepared by this group.
PS-WG : Protocol Stack
This group is tasked with maintenance of the BACnet protocol stack. This includes maintenance of all of the link layers (Clauses 7 to 11, Annex J, Annex O, and Annex U), the network layer (Clause 6) and the application layer (Clause 5).
SI-WG : Semantic Interoperability
The Semantic Interoperability Working Group is developing a comprehensive way to apply semantic formalisms to represent the context of building system data and relationships between the associated building systems and components. The objective of this work is to enable applications to find and understand the information in an automated way. This will facilitate the development and implementation of building analytics tools and enterprise knowledge applications that can implement a number of building system functions.
SG-WG : Smart Grid
The Smart Grid WG is all about enabling the building to be an active participant in the operation of the electric grid. This includes integration of facility load as a resource (demand response), customer owned generation (distributed generation), and customer owned storage (electrical, thermal, pumped water, etc.). SG-WG is working to define a building energy services interface (ESI) that receives OpenADR signals, market signals, utility meter data, and weather feeds, and then communicates on the internal BACnet network to manage consumption and receive load forecasts. The ESI can then provide external grid services (e.g., DR response) and serve data via BACnet web services to building clients (e.g., OpenADR signals, load history and forecasts).
TI-WG : Testing and Interoperability
This group's mandate is to extend and maintain Standard 135.1 - the BACnet Testing Standard, to extend and maintain the BACnet Interoperability Building Block definitions and Device Profiles, and to identify and resolve existing interoperability issues in the BACnet standard itself.
Inactive/Historical Working Groups
The working groups in this section are inactive because their activity has been merged into an active group or they have completed their work.
IP-WG : Internet Protocol (Work transferred to PS-WG)
This group was working on extending BACnet/IP capabilities to deal with developments in the IP world, including NAT firewalls and IPv6. All its tasks have been transferred to the new Protocol Stack working group.
MS/TP-WG : Master-Slave/Token-Passing (Work transferred to PS-WG)
This group was working on enhancements and issues relating to BACnet MS/TP LANs and PTP communications. All its tasks have been transferred to the new Protocol Stack working group.
WN-WG : Wireless Networking
This group was tasked with the use of BACnet with wireless communication technologies such as ZigBee, the 802 series of wireless Ethernet, and others.
XML-WG : XML Applications (Work transferred to DM-WG)
This group was tasked with applications of "eXtensible Markup Language" (XML) technology in relation to BACnet systems. This group's work has been transferred to Data Modeling Working Group.