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SSPC 135 is sub-divided into "working groups." The activities of the current working groups are summarized here.
AP-WG : Applications
This group will develop applications-oriented "profiles", or "macro objects", to represent various building automation devices such as chillers and VAV controllers. The group will focus primarily on the user's perspective while the Objects & Services Working Group will assist by providing the technical details for the final form of the proposals.
DM-WG : Data Modeling
The DM-WG is responsible for developing the BACnet framework(s) for complex data models both on the wire and in other machine readable formats (such as CSML and JSON). They work in cooperation with the other working groups (AP, SG, etc) to ensure that the framework(s) developed meet the needs of their specific use cases. 
EL-WG : Elevator
The EL-WG is developing extensions to allow the monitoring of elevator systems with the BACnet protocol.
IP-WG : Internet Protocol
This group will work on extending BACnet/IP capabilities to deal with developments in the IP world, including NAT firewalls and IPv6.
IT-WG : Information Technology
This new group is examining the future communication requirements of building automation systems and considering how they might affect BACnet. An important theme for this group is IT-BAS convergence.
LA-WG : Lighting Applications
This group will research, draft, and propose additions to the BACnet standard to support the requirements of lighting control applications. The group will work in cooperation with the NEMA Lighting Control Council, and the Illumination Engineering Society Controls Committee.
LSS-WG : Life Safety and Security
This new group will research, draft, and propose additions to the BACnet standard to support the requirements of life safety and security applications. The first systems to be tackled were fire alarm and control systems. The group has developed several new objects and services to this end.
MS/TP-WG : Master-Slave/Token-Passing
This group will work on enhancements and issues relating to BACnet MS/TP LANs and PTP communications.
NS-WG : Network Security
This group was formed in response to public review comments about managing the primary workstation in life safety emergencies. Their task is to develop a general, network visible mechanism for authorizing and transferring control authority and also to develop auditing mechanisms.
OS-WG : Objects and Services
This group is working on "infrastructure" modifications needed to support new objects or new services. The addition of, and refinements to, existing general purpose objects and services are typically prepared by this group. Also in the scope of this group are refinements to the Application and Network Layer protocols.
SG-WG : Smart Grid
This group is a continuation of the previous Utility Integration Working Group with a new name. Smart Grid is all about integrating the consumer as an active participant in the operation of the electric grid. This includes integration of facility load as a resource (demand response), customer owned generation (distributed generation), and customer owned storage (electrical, thermal, pumped water, etc.). The SG-WG is focused on enabling the building to act as a full participant in the grid - receiving price and event signals from grid operations as well as requests for resource status, and responding to grid signals with control actions to appropriately manage energy.
TI-WG : Testing and Interoperability
This group's mandate is to extend and maintain Standard 135.1 - the BACnet Testing Standard, to extend and maintain the BACnet Interoperability Building Block definitions and Device Profiles, and to identify and resolve existing interoperability issues in the BACnet standard itself.
WN-WG : Wireless Networking (Inactive)
This group will investigate the use of BACnet with wireless communication technologies such as ZigBee, the 802 series of wireless Ethernet, and others.
XML-WG : XML Applications (Work transferred to DM-WG)
This group will investigate applications of "eXtensible Markup Language" (XML) technology in relation to BACnet systems.