Remote Broadcast from a BACnet/IP device to a Non-BACnet/IP network...

Once again, the existing NPCI format is unchanged.

The NPCI of the message from the device on Network 1 to the router to Network 2 contains the DNET D'2' and a DLEN of D'0', exactly as described in Clause 6.

A global broadcast is generated and processed in much the same way.

When the message is received by a device on Network 2, the router has removed the DNET and DLEN fields. In this case, since the router is between Networks 1 and 2, it fills in the SNET and SADR fields as required by Clause 6. The device on Network 2 sees the source address as simply a six-octet address which it can already manage (hopefully).

Now for remote broadcasts in the opposite direction...