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This section contains previously released news items for your information. They are arranged with the most recent at the top, the oldest at the bottom.
Old BACnet News
  • BACnet User Group New England to meet on March 30, 2017. (3/17) The next meeting of the BACnet User Group New England will be on Thursday, March 30, 2017 in Needham, Massachusetts. The speakers will be Gabriel Kirby from LG and Mike Leathem from PTC. All are welcome to attend, but preregistration is required. Visit www.bacnetusergroupne.com for details.
  • Strides Made Towards Higher-Level Semantics! (1/17) Las Vegas, NV. During its winter meeting in Las Vegas, the BACnet committee made substantial progress towards the application of semantic information in BACnet and the creation of a general standard tag dictionary for building automation and associated building systems, useful in a broad range of applications and protocols, including BACnet.

    The semantic tagging concept for BACnet was voted out for an initial Publication Public Review as draft Addendum 135-2016bo. This tagging concept is foreseen to be a new BACnet Annex and defines how semantic tags from various dictionaries are applied in BACnet objects and the abstract data model (BACnet XD).

    For interoperable use of semantic tags, well-defined and robust standardized tag dictionaries are a fundamental prerequisite. The creation of a new ASHRAE standard, "Designation and Classification of Semantic Tags for Building Data", was proposed by the BACnet committee and approved by the ASHRAE Standards Committee. The new standard will provide a dictionary of tags for building automation and associated systems and protocols and is envisioned to ultimately become an ISO standard. Tags from this dictionary will be usable for tagging of building data in databases, protocols, BIM data, and other applications. For practical reasons, the draft of this new proposed ASHRAE standard 223P will be created and brought through the public review process by the BACnet committee. The formation of a dedicated project committee for this new standard and its future continuation and maintenance will be considered.

    Also related to higher-level semantics, the Elevator and Life Safety Working Groups held a joint Occupant Evacuation Operation (OEO) summit to discuss BACnet-based standardized application interfaces between fire alarm systems (FAS) and elevator systems (ES), for the purpose of OEO. This meeting was attended not only by BACnet people, but also by representatives from the fire and elevator domain. OEO is a relatively new concept, in particular for high rise buildings, enabling the use of elevators for the fast and safe evacuation of building occupants in the case of a fire. Aside from specific elevator and building construction requirements, OEO demands that FASs be able to provide detailed information about fire and evacuation states of floors to the ES, and that some state indications be available for transfer from the ES to the FAS. BACnet is considered a suitable protocol for conveying this information. As a result of this meeting, further work is planned by the Elevator and Life Safety Working Groups to create an initial draft of the application interface specification. This is a type of pioneer work, even for BACnet, above and beyond BACnet objects and semantic tags.

    Aside from work on pending addenda and proposals, Addendum 135-2016bi, Audit Reporting, was approved for a 3rd Publication Public Review of Independent Substantive Changes (ISC). Only a few substantive changes were needed after the second review and these will be open for review. A new draft Addendum 135-2016bp was also ready for review and will be approved off-meeting for its initial Publication Public Review. This new addendum will fix a number of small issues found by implementers of the BACnet RESTful web services defined in Annex W of BACnet.

    The SSPC wishes to thank its volunteers for their time and effort on the BACnet standard.

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