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This section contains previously released news items for your information. They are arranged with the most recent at the top, the oldest at the bottom.
Old BACnet News
  • Three Addenda Go Out for Public Review! (3/18) Atlanta, GA. All of these proposed addenda are undergoing a 45-day public review, as described below, from March 23 to May 7, 2018.
    • Addendum 135-2016be has begun its 4th 45-day Publication Public Review of Independent Substantive Changes (ISCs). This addendum adds lighting specific BIBBs and device profiles.
    • Proposed Addendum 135-2016bq has begun its 2nd 45-day Publication Public Review of ISCs. This addendum fixes the Absentee_Limit property of the Access Credential object type and ensures that the denied or granted access event is generated last.
    • Proposed Addendum 135-2016bs has begun its 1st 45-day Publication Public Review. This addendum adds Elevator BIBBs and Device Profiles.
    Please click on the links above to see the addendum's content or visit www.ASHRAE.org to both get a copy and submit comments.
  • ASHRAE Standard 223P to Integrate Haystack tagging and Brick data modeling! (2/18) Atlanta, GA, Berkeley, CA, and Richmond, VA. The ASHRAE BACnet committee, Project Haystack and the Brick initiative announced they are actively collaborating to integrate Haystack tagging and Brick data modeling concepts into the new proposed ASHRAE Standard 223P for semantic tagging of building data.
    ASHRAE Standard 223P "Designation and Classification of Semantic Tags for Building Data" provides a dictionary of semantic tags for descriptive tagging of building data including building automation and control data along with associated systems.
    By integrating Haystack tagging and Brick data modeling concepts with the upcoming ASHRAE Standard 223P, the result will enable interoperability on semantic information across the building industry, particularly in building automation.
    This unified effort is aiming at a formally standardized application data modeling solution which can be implemented in various ways. For example, it will be able to be used for exchanging data over established communication protocols like the Haystack web services or BACnet, or be applied on data stored in databases and cloud applications. The first public review of the initial draft of 223P is envisioned for late 2018. Ultimately, ASHRAE Standard 223P is intended to be adopted as an ISO standard.
    Aside from the engineering and automation efficiency improvements machine-readable semantic descriptions of data will provide, a single and widely used global standard will enable broader interoperability among applications - creating a competitive market place to the benefit of building owners.
  • Chicago Meeting Highlights! (1/18) Chicago, IL. The annual winter meeting of SSPC 135 took place January 18-22 as part of the ASHRAE Winter Conference and alongside the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) in Chicago. Of note:
    • Addendum 135-2016be was approved for a 4th Public Review of Independent Substantive Changes. This addendum contains new Lighting BIBBs and Device Profiles.
    • Addendum 135-2016bq was approved for a 2nd Public Review of Independent Substantive Changes. This addendum contains various but minor amendments to BACnet's Access Control  object types.
    • Addendum 135-2016bj was discussed at length. This addendum contains the new BACnet Secure Connect data link layer (BACnet/SC) and was finally approved for a 2nd Publication Public Review in a letter ballot subsequent to the meeting.
    • Addendum 135.1-2013q was approved for a 1st Publication Public Review. This 221-page addendum contains new and amended tests for the updated alarm and event reporting contained in BACnet-2016.
    • The AP-WG discussed how to proceed with Semantic Tags for Building Data for the proposed new ASHRAE Standard 223P with representatives of the Project Haystack and the Brick Schema organizations.
    • The DM-WG discussed additional use cases for the Control System Modeling Language (CSML) including a new CSML-based electronic Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (EPICS) and additional use cases for such a document outside of testing applications.
    • The LA-WG discussed various lighting applications, such as emergency lighting and color temperature.
    • The TI-WG discussed BACnet/IPv6 and BACnet/IPv6 Network Port Object tests.
    • The PS-WG discussed various clarifications to Clause 5.
    As always, SSPC 135 wishes to thank all of our volunteers for their time and continued contributions.
  • Staging Object Addendum Goes Out for ISC Review! (1/18) Atlanta, GA. Proposed Addendum 135-2016bd has begun its 4th 45-day Publication Public Review of Independent Substantive Changes(ISCs)which will run from January 5 to February 19, 2018. This addendum adds a Staging Object Type, which provides a way for BACnet devices to map analog values onto multiple Binary Value, Binary Output, or Binary Lighting Output objects.
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