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This section contains previously released news items for your information. They are arranged with the most recent at the top, the oldest at the bottom.
Old BACnet News
  • SSPC 135 Wraps up Atlanta Meetings! (11/15) Atlanta, GA.The BACnet committee met in Atlanta, Georgia, November 2-6, once again graciously hosted by Georgia Tech.

    Highlights from the meeting include the following:

    • Addendum 135-2012aj, that adds support for IPv6, was recommended for publication.
    • Addendum 135-2012bf, that added extensions to the Network Port Object and adds clarifying text to Annex J, was recommended for publication.
    • Addendum 135-2012bg, that makes several miscellaneous changes throughout the standard, was recommended for publication.
    • The committee reviewed the proposal for adding audit logging and recommended it for publication public review as Addendum 135-2012bi (now 2016bi).

    The SSPC thanks the committee volunteers for their attendance and ongoing hard work!

  • Three More Addenda Begin 60-day Public Review (10/15) Atlanta, GA. The following addenda have started their 60-day Publication Public Reviews which will run from October 20 until December 29, 2015:

    3rd Public Review of Addendum 135-2012am
    This addendum extends BACnet/WS with RESTful services for complex data types and subscriptions, extracts the data model from Annex Q into a separate common model, reworks Annex Q to be an XML syntax for the common model, adds a JSON syntax for the common model, deprecates Annex N SOAP services and adds a migration guide.

    4th Public Review of Addendum 135-2012ba
    This addendum adds CSML Descriptions into BACnet Devices, adds Semantic Tags to All Objects, extends Structured View Objects to Contain Semantic Information, changes Clause 21 identifiers to use a consistent format, and adds Data Revisioning Capabilities to CSML.

    2nd Public Review of Addendum 135-2012bc
    This addendum extends BIBBs for Primitive Value Objects; adds new BIBBs for Event Enrollment and Subscription; amends B-AWS related BIBBs for revised event reporting; and adds Life Safety BIBBs and Device Profiles, Access Control BIBBs and Device Profiles, and an All-Domain Advanced Workstation Profile.

    Click on the links above to see addenda content or visit www.ASHRAE.org to both get copies and submit comments.

  • Five Addenda Now Available for Public Review (8/15) Atlanta, GA. One of the main results of the April SSPC meeting in Ft. Lauderdale was the recommendation of five addenda for Publication Public Review (PPR).

    Recommended for a 5th PPR of Independent Substantive Changes was:
    Addendum 135-2012aj.

    The following four addenda are each undergoing their 1st PPR:
    Addendum 135-2012be;
    Addendum 135-2012bf;
    Addendum 135-2012bg; and
    Addendum 135-1-2013bh.

    Click on the links above to see addenda content and dates of the PPRs or visit www.ASHRAE.org to both get copies and submit comments.
  • SSPC Wraps up Atlanta Meetings! (7/15) Atlanta, GA.The BACnet committee met in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of June in conjunction with the ASHRAE Annual Meeting. Highlights from the meeting include the following:

    The various working groups met and continued making good progress on the respective work items. Highlights of the working group meetings include:

    • Continued work on test development across the board.
    • Continued work on Data Modeling and the proposed direction for IT interaction.
    • The Application Profiles Working Group continues to work with Project Haystack to ensure that the proposed tagging solutions are compatible.

    The plenary met for two days and recommended 3 addenda for public review: Addendum 135-2012bc was recommended for a 2nd Publication Public Review; Addendum 135-2012ba was recommended for a 4th Publication Public Review; and, Addendum 135-2012am was recommended for a 3rd Publication Public Review.

    This meeting marked Carl Neilsonís last meeting as the Chair of the SSPC and subsequent appointment of new Committee officers. Bernhard Isler will be assuming the role of Chair after having served as Secretary for 3 years and Vice-Chair for 3 years; Michael Osborne will be assuming the role of Vice-Chair having served as Secretary for 3 years, and, Coleman Brumley will be assuming the role of Secretary.

    The Committee thanks Carl for all of his hard work!

    Bernhard Isler becomes the 6th Chairman of the BACnet Committee since its inception in 1987.

    Pictured from left to right: Carl Neilson, Chair 2012-2015; Dave Robin, Chair 2008-2012; Bernhard Isler, Incoming Chair; Steve Bushby, Chair 2000-2004; and, Mike Newman, Chair 1987-2000. Absent is Bill Swan, Chair 2004-2008. Bill passed away in 2011.

  • Fourth Swan Award Presented to Coleman Brumley! (7/15) Atlanta, GA. During the June 27 plenary session of SSPC 135, David Fisher, President of PolarSoft Inc., announced the recipient of the fourth annual "Swan Award." Fisher reiterated the purpose of the award:

    "This award, which is presented yearly, honors the memory of our dear friend and colleague, Bill Swan, a.k.a. BACnet Bill, who passed away in 2011. We want to remember him always not only for his substantial dedication and contributions to BACnet, but also as a good and honest man, devoted to his family and faith. This award carries on Bill's example of even-handedness, rational and considerate discussion, and a focus on how to make the standard better for everyone. The award honors those individuals who through their actions demonstrate the qualities of integrity, selflessness, camaraderie and fierce dedication to the standard that we admired in Bill."

    Fisher explained that this year's selection was based on several criteria about the recipient:

    • Authored parts of the standard
    • Served as a Working Group convener
    • Was an implementer/product designer
    • Has provided education to others about BACnet
    • Has worked on behalf of BACnet with other groups, such as BACnet International
    • Has shared knowledge and experience with others through public forums such as LinkedIn and BACnet-L

    Fisher then presented the 2015 Swan Award to SSPC incoming secretary Coleman Brumley.

    "It is our intent to continue to sponsor these awards in the future," explained Fisher, also noting that he continues to encourage other organizations within the BACnet sphere who are interested in sharing sponsorship to contact him directly.

  • SSPC Wraps Up Meeting in Fort Lauderdale! (5/15) Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The BACnet Committee met at the end of April in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Here are some of the highlights from Chairman Carl Neilson.

    The IP Working Group spent time reviewing comments from the last public review of Addendum 135-2012aj (BACnet over IPv6). While most comments resulted in editorial changes, one comment resulted in a substantive change so the addendum has to go out for another public review. Given the size of the change, the review will be limited to just those areas substantively changed since the last public review.

    The IT Working Group continues on its path of developing a solution for BACnet over HTTP. The group is targeting the end of 2015 for an initial public review.

    The audit log solution being developed by the Network Security Working Group is nearing completion. The group is confident that a public review-ready addendum will be available at the ASHRAE Annual Meeting in Atlanta.

    Addendum 135-2012am, the rework of BACnet Web Services, was voted out by the committee for another public review and the committee is considering holding another virtual plugfest coincidental with the public review.

    The Applications Working Group made good progress at the meeting on its development of semantic tags. They are working with Project Haystack to ensure that the two approaches to semantic tagging are compatible and have some technical issues to work through to ensure this goal is reached.

    It was announced at the plenary session that Carl Neilson will be stepping down from the Chairís position after the Atlanta meeting at the end of June. Bernhard Isler, currently Vice Chair, will be taking over as Chair of SSPC 135 at that time.

    The BACnet Committee thanks Lutron for hosting the meeting at Lutronís Experience Center in Plantation, FL. The Committee also thanks Carl for his great work over the last 3 years and congratulates Bernhard on his new role as only the 6th Chairman of the BACnet Committee since it began in 1987. Good luck to both!

  • BACnet Positioned to Play Role in IoT! (4/15) Atlanta, GA. With the recent approval of Addendum 135-2012an, MS/TP is now capable of conveying "extended frames" with data lengths up to 2032 octets. Moreover, other protocols can now use MS/TP's EIA-485 medium access control (MAC) technology as their data link. One such application is the use of IPv6 over MS/TP which many believe will be a standard way for implementing the so-called "Internet of Things" (IoT). A significant step in this direction was taken on March 24 when ASHRAE assigned MS/TP Frame Type 34 to the Internet Engineering Task Force for using BACnet MS/TP as the standard MAC protocol for using the Internet Protocol over EIA-485 twisted-pair serial networks.

    Other standards development organizations that wish to use BACnet MS/TP as their MAC protocol for EIA-485 can also request assignment of a Frame Type from ASHRAE. The procedures for requesting a Frame Type can be found at https://www.ashrae.org/standards-research--technology/standards--guidelines/standards-activities (see the section on "BACnet Vendor ID Numbers").

  • BIG-EU Plugfest 2015 Announced! (4/15) Dortmund, Germany.The BACnet Interest Group - Europe (BIG-EU) has announced its 9th BACnet Interoperability Workshop, also known as a "Plugfest"! It will take place in Turin, Italy, May 20Ė22, 2015, and is open to developers and product managers. This year's host will be ESAC srl. Note that registration has been extended until Friday, April 24, so it is not too late to get in on the fun! For more information, please click here.
  • Addendum 2012aq begins its 4th PPR! (3/15) Atlanta, GA. The Elevator Working Group has launched another Publication Public Review of Addendum 135-2012aq with content that extends the BACnet standard into the elevator and lift markets. This review will be limited to the so-called Independent Substantive Changes that have been made to the draft since its last review.
  • BI/BIG-EU Announce the BACnet Global Roadshow 2015! (3/15) Marietta, GA and Dortmund, Germany. Believe it or not, BACnet has been an ANSI/ASHRAE standard for twenty years and a German, European and ISO standard for ten! To celebrate this remarkable achievement, BACnet International and the BACnet Interest Group - Europe have decided to sponsor a "Global BACnet Roadshow 2015" to spread the word far and wide. The Roadshow's events are intended to celebrate the transition from the proprietary systems of old to today's open building automation systems that have been made possible in large part due to the world-wide success of BACnet!

    Each event along the way will consist of presentations and a comprehensive interoperability show. Core topics will be connected intelligence, security in buildings, and the role of IT in facility operation and building management systems. The show will highlight the multi-vendor future of functionally smart buildings. Visit www.bacnetroadshow.org for all the details including dates, locations, and registration information. The first stop on the tour will be Seattle, Washington, on April 21. The Roadshow will be conducted by MarDirect, a public relations provider for the international BACnet community. Here are the current stops.

    Seattle, April 21
    Sao Paulo, May 5

    Europe - Middle East - Africa
    Abu Dhabi, June 2
    Warsaw, June 9
    Berlin, June 16

    Asia Pacific
    Pune, November 5
    Singapore, November 12
    Beijing, November 19
    Tokyo, November 26

  • Two More Addenda Voted Out for Public Review! (2/15) Chicago, IL. The SSPC recommended a 45-day public review (February 6 until March 23, 2015) of two more BACnet addenda at its January meeting in Chicago: Addendum 135-2012ba (3rd PR); and Addendum 135-2012bd (1st PR). Click on the links above to get copies or visit www.ASHRAE.org to both get copies and submit comments.
  • Vendor IDs Break Through the 800 Mark! (1/15) Atlanta, GA. The number of Vendor IDs now exceeds 800! In fact, Vendor ID 807 was issued on January 21. What makes this all the more remarkable is that the pace of issuance continues to grow. This chart makes it clear:
    While the original purpose of the Vendor ID was to provide a numerical value to distinguish vendor-specific extensions to the BACnet protocol, the VID has also become a general metric to gauge organizations' interest in exploring BACnet technology. As the chart shows, interest in BACnet is showing no signs of slowing down!
  • Five Addenda Published at the End of 2014! (1/15) Atlanta, GA. ASHRAE has announced the publication of five BACnet addenda as of December 31, 2014: Addendum 135-2012ai; Addendum 135-2012al; Addendum 135-2012as; Addendum 135-2012ay; and Addendum 135-1-2013o. Click on the links above to get copies.
  • Three Addenda Out for Public Review! (1/15) Atlanta, GA. ASHRAE has announced the 45-day public review (January 2 until February 16, 2015) of three BACnet addenda: Addendum 135-2012aj (4th PR); Addendum 135-2012bb (1st PR); and Addendum 135-2012bc (1st PR). Click on the links above to get copies or visit www.ASHRAE.org to both get copies and submit comments.
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