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This section contains previously released news items for your information. They are arranged with the most recent at the top, the oldest at the bottom.
Old BACnet News
  • BACnet Application Interface Development: Call for Participants! (12/12) Vancouver, BC. The BACnet Committee's Applications Working Group (AP-WG) is starting the development of a library of standardized BACnet Application Interfaces. As the group starts the development of a specific Application Interface, the BACnet Committee will be seeking experts from the Building Automation industry to participate in a Rapid Development Group for the preparation of a rough draft of the interface. The first Application Interfaces the committee is developing are:

    • Air Terminal Unit (ATU)
    • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

    The AP-WG's intent is to have a draft document ready for the January meeting in Dallas.  We are looking for experts who want to participate via email in determining the content of each Application Interface.

    If you are interested in participating in either of the Rapid Development Groups, please contact the AP-WG convener at the address below by December 15, 2012.

    Grant Wichenko, P. Eng.

  • PlugFest 2012 Report: A Complete Success!" (11/12) Tacoma, WA. Here is BTL-Manager Duffy O'Craven's summary of the event: "PlugFest 2012 at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma was a complete success, perhaps the best ever (in terms of the pairings matching requested preferences). We were blessed by 11 companies bringing workstation products, thus enabling lots of sophisticated-to-sophisticated pairings, instead of being locked into complex-vs-simple pairings which predominate when the total of workstations plus building controllers approximately equals the number of simple devices. Only two of the 49 registered teams and four of the 92 registered engineers were deterred by Hurricane Sandy. Presentations on moving up to the modern Protocol_Revisions, and on using Gateways as an interim strategy for legacy migration, completed the educational package for attendees. Oh, and it is worthy of mention: the food was sumptuous!" Kind of makes you want to get ready for PlugFest 2013!
  • BI BTL-WG to Hold PlugFest 2012 in Tacoma! (10/12) Atlanta, GA. BACnet International has announced that the 13th Annual Interoperability Workshop will be held this year in Tacoma, Washington, from October 31 to November 1. This event permits vendors to test their BACnet products in a neutral and friendly environment with BACnet devices from other vendors.  Last year more than 98 BACnet engineers representing 35 companies attended the workshop and improved their BACnet implementations and testing methods. For information on how to participate, click here.
  • Once Again, BI Confers "Leaders of the Pack" Awards! (10/12) Las Vegas, NV. Once again, congratulations are in order for the recipients of BACnet International's "Leaders of the Pack" awards! These awards are intended to allow BACnet International members to recognize and celebrate the hard work, commitment and accomplishments of its members.
    Winner Comment
    Bulldog Award Carl Neilson of Delta Controls The Bulldog Award serves to recognize an individual for always coming to the rescue and for unquestioning loyalty to BACnet International and the BACnet standard. This year, he worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between certification handbook efforts and BTL lab recognition.
    Doberman Pinscher Award Thomas Kurowski of WSPLab The Doberman Pinscher Award goes to an individual who keeps the group in line and upholds the BACnet standard. This year’s winner works for WSPLab to ensure the testing process is accurate and complete.
    Howler Award Reliable Controls The Howler Award serves to recognize a company for making a lot of noise about BACnet International and BACnet Standards. For several years, Reliable Controls has maintained a steady investment in advertising, event participation and active involvement within the BACnet community. In doing so, they always promoting BACnet as well as their own solutions. This is especially noteworthy as a privately held company.
    Fox Hound Award The S4 Group, Inc. The Fox Hound Award goes to a company who quickly and stealthily came up from behind in BACnet International. In their first year of membership, the S4 Group, Inc. migrated over 10,000 N2 devices to open BACnet interfaces.
    Best in Show Award WPPI Energy Office & Operations Facility The Best in Show Award goes to a project posted in the BACnet Success Stories. This BACnet Success Story has every hallmark of a showcase project: it is a well composed, compelling narrative. It clearly identifies the customer's needs and how BACnet was used to address them. It is a multi-vendor BACnet project, has compelling photos, all firms were identified and as a bonus, it is a LEED gold facility. In short, this is BACnet Success Story is a benchmark for excellence.
    Alpha Dog Award Brad Hill of Honeywell International The Alpha Dog Award is awarded internally to an individual who exhibits outstanding leadership within BACnet International. This person is a constant and dynamic voice of BACnet International through his leadership. It is awarded to Brad Hill of Honeywell International in recognition of his stepping up to lead the BACnet International test lab recognition initiative, which is a critical part of maintaining global consistency and collaboration in BACnet testing policies and execution.

    Again, congratulations to all the award winners!
  • "BACnet Academy Europe" Travels to Sweden! (9/12) Stockholm, Sweden. On September 25, 2012, the "BACnet Academy Europe" conducted its one-day training course for the first time in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. It was conducted by BIG-EU Advisory Board member Frank Schubert, MBS. The training in Stockholm was the Academy's 9th session. So far, the training has been given in a total of eight European countries and in four languages. In spite of the rigors of the training, the BACneteers had time to gather for a picture with their instructor at the extreme left:
    Further information on the cirriculum and future sessions, when they are scheduled, can be found at www.bacnetacademy.org.
  • Details of Upcoming SSPC Meeting in Atlanta Announced! (9/12) Sooke, BC. SSPC Chair Carl Neilson has distributed information for the upcoming meeting, November 5-9, 2012, in Atlanta. To download the information, click here.
  • Addenda 135-2010al and ar begin PPR. (9/12) Atlanta, GA. Two addenda are now in a 45-day Publication Public Review cycle from September 21 to November 5, 2012. Addendum 135-2010al deals with best practices for gateway design and adds some new BIBBS and Device Profiles. Addendum 135-2010ar adds several new engineering units, allows unicast I-Have messages and provides several other clarifications and enhancements. If you wish to submit comments, visit ASHRAE's On-line Comment Database.
  • ¡Hola! BACnet Journals to Embrace the Hispanic World! (7/12) Dortmund, Germany. In an effort to promote BACnet in the growing Hispanic markets, MarDirect has announced the development of a "BACnet Journal for Latin America, Portugal and Spain" that will contain articles and advertisements in both Spanish and Portugese. Scheduled to make its first appearance in October of this year, the new journal will add to MarDirect's stable of publications that target Europe (English/German), France (French), Italy (Italian), the Middle East (English) and China (Chinese). According to Mardirect, "The BACnet Journals are the trade magazines for building automation based on BACnet technology. Experts, practitioners and professionals show the way in applying and developing the BACnet standard – from building automation trends to devices and application projects; from qualification and trainings to testing and certification; from who is who in the BACnet community to useful information on events and publications." For more detailed information on the BACnet Journals, click here. For information specifically on the new journal for Latin America, Portugal and Spain, please contact Ana María Jurisch at MarDirect!
  • Once Again, the SSPC Gavel is Transferred! (6/12) San Antonio, TX. Gavel passing
    For only the fourth time in the 25-year history of BACnet, a new chairman has taken the reins! In a brief ceremony at the conclusion of the June 25 SSPC meeting in San Antonio, outgoing Chairman Dave Robin, ALC (R), handed over the gavel to Carl Neilson, Delta Controls (L).
    New officers
    Carl (Center) will serve for the next four years accompanied by incoming Vice-Chair Bernhard Isler, Siemens (L), and incoming Secretary Mike Osborne, Reliable Controls (R). The new triumvirate is notable not only for the dedication and expertise that they bring but also for the fact that they are all from countries outside of the United States!
    All chairmen
    After the meeting, all four living chairmen gathered for a group picture near the Riverwalk. From left to right, Carl Neilson, 2012-2016; Dave Robin, 2008-2012; Steve Bushby, 2000-2004; and Mike Newman, 1996-2000. Missing was our departed friend Bill Swan who served as Chair from 2004-2008.

    Thanks to Stuart Donaldson, Alerton, for taking these photos in the blazing heat (and cold) of San Antonio!

  • Second Swan Award presented to Carl Neilson. (6/12) San Antonio, TX. Swan AwardDuring the June 25 plenary session of SSPC 135, David Fisher, President of PolarSoft Inc. announced the recipient of the second annual "Swan Award." Fisher reiterated the purpose of the award:

    "This award, which is presented yearly, honors the memory of our dear friend and colleague, Bill Swan, a.k.a. BACnet Bill, who passed away in 2011. We want to remember him always not only for his substantial dedication and contributions to BACnet, but also as a good and honest man, devoted to his family and faith. This award carries on Bill's example of even-handedness, rational and considerate discussion, and a focus on how to make the standard better for everyone. The award honors those individuals who through their actions demonstrate the qualities of integrity, selflessness, camraderie and fierce dedication to the standard that we admired in Bill."

    Fisher explained that this year's selection was based on several criteria about the recipient:

    • Authored parts of the standard
    • Served as a Working Group convener
    • Was an implementer/product designer
    • Has provided education to others about BACnet
    • Has worked on behalf of BACnet with other groups, such as BACnet International
    • Has shared knowledge and experience with others through public forums such as LinkedIn and BACnet-L

    Fisher then presented the 2012 Swan Award to SSPC incoming Chairman Carl Neilson of Delta Controls.

    "It is our intent to continue to sponsor these awards in the future," explained Fisher, also noting that he had already received inquiries from other organizations within the BACnet sphere who are interested in sharing sponsorship.

  • Light+Building in Frankfurt Attracted Thousands! (4/12) Frankfurt, Germany. BIG-EU StandSolch eine Ausstellung! What a show! With an area of more than 1,800 sq. ft., the BIG-EU booth at this year's Light+Building exposition was the largest ever. And the show itself was the largest ever, attracting some 196 thousand visitors from all over Europe, and the world, to see the latest innovations in building systems of all kinds. The BIG-EU booth, under the motto "Scalable solutions for all needs," featured equipment displays from 17 vendors and 33 live presentations, one every few hours, on topics ranging from BACnet basics to the latest applications and case studies. The vendors were: ABB, Dial, Hermos, Honeywell Building Solutions, Honeywell Centra Line, Invensys, Itenos, Johnson Controls, Kieback&Peter, MBS, Novar Trend, Pc-Vue, Saia-Burgess Controls, Samson, Sauter-Cumulus, SE-Elektronic and Siemens Building Technologies. Click here to see the list of presentations that were given.
  • Nine Addenda Begin 45-Day Public Review Period! (3/12) Atlanta, GA. The diligent work of the SSPC is now available for public scrutiny and comment from March 23 to May 7, 2012. Nine addenda, seven for 135 (BACnet) and two for 135.1 (BACnet testing standard), are now ready for review. They are: 135-ai, aj, al, ao, ap, aq and i and 135.1-k and m. You can see a content summary and download these documents here on our Addenda page. If you wish to file comment(s), you may do so by visiting ASHRAE's public review site.
  • BIG-RU to Launch BACnet Training Class! (2/12) Moscow, Russia. BIG-RU has finished the design and construction of a BACnet training facility at the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering. It features donated hardware and software from ABB, ALC, CAREL, Cimetrics, Delta, Johnson, Kieback & Peter, Sauter, Saia-Burgess, Siemens and Trend. The equipment, by vendor, is arranged in individual workstations or "stands," each of which has mock-ups of actual building systems with various sensors, actuators and control devices. All of the stands are interconnected via BACnet/IP so the overall facility represents a true multi-vendor environment. To take a YouTube tour of the training room, click here! The first training course entitled "Introduction to BACnet" is slated to start the week of March 5. Congratulations to BIG-RU and best wishes to its new BACnet students!
  • Chicago SSPC Meeting Concludes! (1/12) Chicago, IL. Group shotUndaunted by a travel-snarling snowstorm, SSPC 135 began its full agenda of meetings with nearly 35 BACneteers from all over the world in attendance. The opening plenary featured liaison reports from the BACnet Interest Groups, BACnet International, BTL, IEIEJ, ISO/TC 205, CEN/TC 247, SPC 201P, and NAESB, among others. The IEIEJ presented their proposal for a new object type, the Commander. The Elevator-WG recommended a draft of three new object types, the Elevator Group, Lift and Escalator, for public review this spring. The EL-WG proposal also contains three new services that allow for subscription to, and notification of, multiple Change of Value (COV) events with a single message. The IT-WG continued to explore options for making BACnet "more IT-friendly" and the IP-WG continued work on the Network Port object type. More details to follow.
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