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This section contains previously released news items for your information. They are arranged with the most recent at the top, the oldest at the bottom.
Old BACnet News
  • ASHRAE Journal's "BACnet Today" Supplement Hits the Streets! (11/11) Atlanta, GA. AJ Cover, 11/2011The latest edition of the ASHRAE Journal's "BACnet Today" supplement is now available. This year's supplement contains articles on "BACnet Operator Workstations" by Steve Tom and "BACnet Alarming Revised" by SSPC Secretary Bernhard Isler. There are also three articles on various aspects of BACnet and the "Smart Grid" along with a commentary from SSPC Chairman, Dave Robin. The smart grid articles are "Information Model Standard for Integrating Facilities with Smart Grid" by Steve Bushby; "Demand Response And Standards" by Dave Holmberg; and "Getting Smart On the Electrical Grid" by Ed Koch and Roy Kolasa. If you can't wait for your hardcopy of the Journal, you can see the articles on our Bibliography page.
  • Third Edition of the BACnet International Journal Now Available! (10/11) Marietta, GA. Link to BIJ Volume 3BACnet International has just begun circulating the third edition of the BACnet International Journal. Among the articles and features in this 28-page edition are: a commentary by former SSPC Chair Steve Bushby, "BACnet - An American Standard, but so Much More"; "Putting the "M" in Energy Management" by Andy McMillan, President of BI; "Sophisticated HVAC Control Strategies - ImaginOn: The Joe and Joan Martin Center" by Nancy Robbers; "New Standard Set for Integration of Systems in Kuwait" by Ben Dorsey; "Unified Lighting Control Made Possible by BACnet" by Ron Poskevich; "BTL-WG Introduces New BTL Test Plan 9.0" by Frank Schubert; notes on recent SSPC 135 meetings by Bernhard Isler, BACnet committee secretary and much more, including a tribute to our departed friend and colleague, Bill Swan. Download your own copy of the BI Journal here!
  • BI Confers "Leaders of the Pack" Awards! (10/11) Las Vegas, NV. Congratulations are in order for the recipients of BACnet International's "Leaders of the Pack" awards! According to Andy McMillan, President of BACnet International and General Manager of Philips Teletrol: “Within the BACnet International community, there are members who go above and beyond to make BACnet an effective and successful building automation standard. This is the time when we award those individuals as, ‘Leaders of the Pack,’ and recognize them for enriching this organization in every way they know how.” McMillan continued, “Please join me in thanking the winners again for their unfailing loyalty to BACnet International and the BACnet standard.”
    Winner Comment
    Alpha Dog Award Carl Neilson of Delta Controls The Alpha Dog Award is presented to an individual who exhibits outstanding leadership.  Carl Neilson is a constant and dynamic voice of BACnet International through his leadership. His passion is truly inspiring.
    St. Bernard Award Michael R. Wilson of OEMCtrl The St. Bernard Award goes to an individual who is always coming to the rescue. Michael R. Wilson always steps up if something needs to be done, especially if no one else is available to do it.  If you need something done at the last minute, he is there.
    German Shepherd Award Joel Bender of Cornell University and Steve Karg of WattStopper The German Shepherd award is given to an individual who is known for keeping the group in line and upholding the BACnet Standards.  This year, it is being presented to two individuals equally deserving of the honor. The first award goes to Joel Bender, who is the essence of what BACnet is by constantly asking, "what can we make that people can use?" He also contributes massively himself, maintaining the key pieces of the infrastructure that ties us all together.
    The second German Shepherd award is presented to Steve Karg who is like a Swiss Army Knife, and applies his varied skills to help produce the best that the BACnet community has to offer.
    Labrador Award Grant Wichenko of Appin Associates The Labrador Award is presented to someone who shows unquestioning loyalty to BACnet International and the BACnet Standard. Anyone who works with Grant Wichenko is aware of his total loyalty to the BACnet product.  Those involved in standards work will understand the commitment required to work in the standards development area and the unquestioning loyalty required for such sustained activity.  He also expends enormous effort to implement BACnet in any project in which his company is engaged.
    Rottweiler Award Brad Hill of Honeywell The Rottweiler Award was designed to honor a fierce protector of BACnet International and BACnet Standards. This year’s recipient is Brad Hill, who is a fixture in BACnet International and who contributes by participating on the BACnet International Board of Directors.
    Jack Russell Award Ben Dorsey of KMC Controls The Jack Russell Award goes to an individual who is always doing something for the betterment of BACnet International and the BACnet Standard. Ben Dorsey is constantly involved with improving BACnet International through his work with the BACnet International marketing committee.  He is heavily involved in improving the website and other publications that BACnet produces.
    Howler Award Ken Sinclair of Automated Buildings The Howler Award serves to recognize an individual for making a lot of noise about BACnet International and BACnet Standards. This year’s recipient is Ken Sinclair, who continues to keep BACnet in the forefront of industry media via his coverage on AutomatedBuildings.com.
    Fox Hound Award Jack Lee of Airtek The Fox Hound Award goes to an individual who quickly and stealthily came up from behind in BACnet International. As a newcomer to BACnet International participation, Airtek in a single year has moved from BACnet-ambitious to BACnet-commanding. With 21 different BTL Listed models in three different device profiles, Airtek has risen to technical mastery of correct and interoperable BACnet.
    Best in Show Award Crate and Barrel project submitted by Carrier The Best in Show Award goes to a project posted in the BACnet Success Stories. This company's very first BACnet Success Story is an impressive piece of work. This LEED Gold project with a recognized retail industry leader is the ideal example of what we want submitted as a BACnet Success Story. It identifies the project challenges and solutions. It is a clear, cogent, compelling and well-composed narrative. It identifies BACnet as the key to success on this project. It contains customer and integrator quotations. It identifies all contributing firms, consultants, integrators, contractors and manufacturers with hyperlinks to their web sites. It supplies a system schematic made available in the, “Systems Integrated,” section, and it uses outstanding project photos.

    Again, congratulations to all the award winners!
  • Fall Meeting Details Announced. (9/11) Kennesaw, GA. Details of the October 24-28, 2011 Fall Meeting of SSPC 135 are now available by clicking here.
  • 45-Day Public Reviews of 12 Addenda Begin! (9/11) Atlanta, GA. Twelve addenda have begun a 45-day public review from September 2 to October 17, 2011. They are 135-2010aa, 135-2010ai, 135-2010ak, 135-2010al, 135-2010am,135-2010an, 135-2010i, 135.1-2009j, 135.1-2009k, 135.1-2009l, 135.1-2009m and 135.1-2009n. Details of each can be found on our Addenda page. Or, if you wish to file comments, please visit https://osr.ashrae.org.
  • Putin to Become BACneteer? (8/11) Moscow, Russia. Putin at MSUCEOn August 24, 2011, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin paid a visit to the BACnet Interest Group - Russia's BACnet Training Center at the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MSUCE). He was there, along with his entourage of TV and press personnel, to learn about the latest innovations in intelligent buildings, including, of course, BACnet. Shown in the photo, from left to right, is MSUCE Rector Prof. Valery Telichenko, Putin, Andrey Golovin, Executive Director of BIG-RU, and Dean of the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies in Civil Engineering, Prof. Andrey Volkov. The BIG-RU facility consists of equipment from multiple vendors arranged so that students can learn how to configure and program the controllers and then observe the traffic between them as they interoperate. At present the facility has equipment from ABB, ALC, CAREL, Delta, JCI, Kieback & Peter, Sauter, Siemens and Trend. Equipment from Saia-Burgess will soon be added and there is software from Cimetrics.
  • First Swan Award Presented to Bernhard Isler. (6/11) Montreal, QC. Swan Award The BACnet committee has been looking for a way to memorialize our departed friend and colleague, Bill Swan. (See a short tribute to Bill from the other BACnet committee chairs, past and present. You can also visit his wife Kathy's Memorial Website.)

    During the June 25 plenary session of SSPC 135, David Fisher, president of PolarSoft Inc. announced the creation of the "Swan Award":

    "This award, which is to be presented yearly, honors the memory of our dear friend and colleague, Bill Swan, a.k.a. BACnet Bill, who passed away this month. We want to remember him always not only for his substantial dedication and contributions to BACnet, but also as a good and honest man, devoted to his family and faith," said Fisher.

    "By creating this award, we carry on Bill's example of even-handedness, rational and considerate discussion, and a focus on how to make the standard better for everyone. The award honors those individuals who through their actions demonstrate the qualities of integrity, selflessness, camaraderie and fierce dedication to the standard that we admired in Bill."

    Swan AwardThe 2011 Swan Award was presented to SSPC Secretary Bernhard Isler of Siemens Switzerland Ltd. "It is our intent to continue to sponsor these awards in the future," explained Fisher, also noting that he had already received inquiries from other organizations within the BACnet sphere who are interested in sharing sponsorship.

  • SSPC Makes Progress on 15 Addenda in Montreal! (6/11) Montreal, QC. Ten addenda to BACnet-135 and five to BACnet-135.1 were moved forward at the grueling SSPC session in Montreal:

    Three addenda to 135-2010 were approved for final publication by the ASHRAE Board of Directors:

    1. Addendum 2010ad makes several miscellaneous small changes
    2. Addendum 2010ae clarifies and extends the physical access control objects
    3. Addendum 2010af is a very large revision that aligns and extends alarm detection and reporting capabilities throughout the standard

    Seven addenda to 135-2010 were voted out for public review:

    1. After a long gestation, a new version of the lighting addendum, 2010i, was voted for its fifth public review
    2. To go along with the lighting addendum, a new WriteGroup service was created and voted for its first public review as Addendum 2010aa
    3. The Network Port object type was voted for its second public review as Addendum 2010ai
    4. A small miscellaneous addendum, 2010ak, was voted for its second public review
    5. A new proposal for "Gateway Best Practices" provides important guidance for vendors and associations, responsible for other protocols, for mapping their data to BACnet. This was voted for its first public review as Addendum 2010al
    6. The new Addendum 2010am is a very large addition to BACnet Web Services that allows REST (HTTP) communications for a variety of new types of data exchange, including:
      • structured/complex BACnet data
      • smart grid data models being defined by SGIP-related groups
      • other media types (documents, etc)
      • subscriptions and active notifications
      • chaining the retrieval of large datasets like trend and event logs.
    7. An extension to MS/TP in a new addendum, 2010an, allows for "large frames" to handle new applications like IPv6 over inexpensive twisted-pair wiring

    Five addenda were voted out for Public Review for the Testing Standard, 135.1:

    Addenda 135.1-2009j, k, l, m and n, completed their first public reviews in May and were modified and voted for second public review at this meeting.

  • European Plugfest 2011 to Take Place May 11-13 in Saarbrücken. (4/11) Dortmund, Germany. Plugfest BIG-EU has announced that the 5th BIG-EU Interoperability Workshop, also known as a "Plugfest," will take place May 11-13 in Saarbrücken, Germany. As always, this event will give BACnet implementers the opportunity to test their hardware and software in a non-judgmental cooperative setting so as to work out any problems before the fact. Please contact the BIG-EU Office at info@big-eu.org for further information.
  • BIG-EU's BACnet Booth at ISH 2011 Largest Ever! (3/11) Frankfurt, Germany. Beerfest"ISH" used to be called the "International Trade Fair Sanitation Heating" but has long since branched out into what organizers claim is "the world's leading trade fair for bathroom design, building, energy and air-conditioning technology and renewable energies." Now labeled the "International Trade Fair for House Building Technology," building automation displays take up most of one hall at Frankfurt's gigantic exhibition facility, Messe Frankfurt. Of this year's 204,000 visitors, a goodly number passed through BIG-EU's largest booth yet. Featuring 21 networked devices and over 1,000 data points from 15 exhibitors, the exhibit showed in a powerful way the capabilities of BACnet.

    But the BIG-EU organizers didn't stop with just the technical exhibits. A "BACnet Beerfest" was celebrated each day, starting one hour before closing time. Exhibitors and customers alike were able study the potential of individual BACnet systems and applications while enjoying a cold brew! Each day featured a different well-known European or Mexican brand and, of course, on St. Patrick's Day the Beerfest had to serve Guinness!

  • "BACnet Academy Europe" Announces 2011 Courses! (2/11) Dortmund, Germany. BACnet Academy LogoThe "BACnet Academy Europe" is a series of one-day training courses sponsored by the BACnet Interest Group - Europe. This year's first course will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark on April 5, 2011. Other courses will be held in Madrid, May 2011; Lyon, June 2011; Lisbon, September 2011; Rome, October 2011; and Amsterdam, November 2011.
    Further information is available at www.bacnetacademy.org.
  • Eight Addenda Approved for Publication; Three for Public Review! (2/11) Las Vegas, NV. Three addenda to BACnet-2008 (Standard 135) and five to the companion Method of Test (Standard 135.1) were approved in Las Vegas by the ASHRAE Standards Committee and Board of Directors and then by ANSI, as American National Standards. The three addenda to 135 are ab, ac and ag. The five addenda to 135.1 are e, f, g, h and i. In addition, three addenda to 135 were approved for Publication Public Review from February 4 to March 21, 2011. Addenda ad and af are going our for their second review while Addendum aj is being reviewed for the first time. All of these documents can be found on our Addenda page.
  • Vendor IDs Break Through the 500 Mark! (2/11) Atlanta, GA. The number of Vendor IDs has broken the 500 mark! Vendor ID 500 was issued to Continental Control Systems, LLC on February 9 and was followed the next day with the issuance of VID 501 to WISAG Automatisierungstechnik GmbH & Co KG. What makes this all the more remarkable is that the pace of issuance is actually growing. Seventeen VIDs were issued in the first six weeks of 2011 alone! This chart makes it clear:
    While the original purpose of the Vendor ID was to provide a numerical value to distinguish vendor-specific extensions to the BACnet protocol, the VID has also become a general metric to gauge organizations' interest in exploring BACnet technology. As the chart shows, interest in BACnet is continuing to grow!
  • Second Edition of the BACnet International Journal Now Available! (2/11) Marietta, GA. February 2011 BIJ CoverBACnet International has just announced the availability of the second edition of the BACnet International Journal. The articles in this 36-page edition are in five categories: Solutions, BACnet Insight, Products, BACnet around the World and BACnet International. Download your own copy of the Journal here!
  • Ninth Annual Edition of BACnet Today Supplements the November ASHRAE Journal! (2/11) Atlanta, GA. November 2010 ASHRAE Journal Cover The articles from the ninth edition of the ASHRAE Journal supplement BACnet Today, along with the commentaries of both Fred Turner, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal and Dave Robin, BACnet committee chair, are now available in the Bibliography section! The articles include "Broadcasting BACnet" by Mike Newman, "Improving BACnet MS/TP" by Steve Karg, "Point Naming Standards" by Jim Butler and Bob Veelenturf, "BACnet Goes Global" by Bill Swan, "What Testing Reveals" by Duffy O'Craven, "BACnet for Visibility" by Terry Hoffman, and "BACnet to the Rescue" by Larry Bacher.
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