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This section contains previously released news items for your information. They are arranged with the most recent at the top, the oldest at the bottom.
Old BACnet News
  • Fall SSPC Meeting Hosted Again by Georgia Tech! (9/10) Atlanta, GA. This year's fall SSPC 135 Plenary and Working Groups meetings was again hosted by Georgia Tech in Atlanta from Monday, October 25 until Friday, October 29. Complete details may be found here!
  • Albuquerque Meeting Produces a Blizzard of Addenda! (8/10) Albuquerque, NM. The summer meeting of SSPC 135 will certainly go down as one of the most productive ever. Four addenda were finalized and made it through the entire approval process to publication: Addenda 135-2008g, p and z and 135.1-2009d. In addition, ten addenda were approved for 45-day public reviews starting September 10 - October 25: Addenda 135-2008ac, ad, ae, af, ag and Addenda 135.1-2009e, f, g, h and i. Addendum 135-2008ab is now awaiting final publication approval. These addenda cover a multitude of improvements and are described in gory detail on the Addenda page, where you can also download all of them for your amusement and edification! You can also submit comments on any of the addenda currently in public review by going to the ASHRAE Online Comment Database.
  • Facilities Decisions offers BACnet Track (7/10) Marietta, GA. Facility Decisions is a free 2-day conference and trade show for all facility professionals with free facilities management courses, exhibit hall and networking. It will take place this year on October 5-6 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It is jointly sponsored by the Trade Press Media Group, publishers of Building Operating Management, and BACnet International. The BACnet track is described here.
  • "BACnet Forum Shanghai" to take place on October 20, 2010 (7/10) Shanghai, China. Forum Logo
    The first "BACnet Forum Shanghai" will take place at Expo 2010 Shanghai China on October 20th. The Forum is being presented by the BACnet Interest Group China (BIG-CN) and is endorsed by BACnet International (BI), the BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU), the Chinese National Standard Committee on Digital Technique of Intelligent Building and Residence Community and the Instrumentation Technology & Economy Institute (ITEI). The first BACnet Forum China was held in Beijing in October 2009 with 180 participants. At the same time the BACnet Interest Group China (BIG-CN) was formed. These two events are said to have had a great effect on building automation in China. Some media reported that the Forum was "one of the most important events for the intelligent building industry in China in 2009".

    During the BACnet Forum Shanghai, advanced BACnet technology and products from America, Europe and Asia will be introduced to one of the most important economic centers of the Chinese market. Investors, specifiers, system integrators, operators and users will learn about:

    • The benefits of BACnet and the immediate future of independent building system integration
    • BACnet basics and specifying building management systems
    • Success stories from China and abroad

    If you would like to attend the forum as either a visitor or a sponsor, you can download all the details here!

  • BACnet International Journal Debuts! (7/10) Marietta, GA. July 2010 BIJ CoverBACnet International has just announced the availability of the inaugural edition of the BACnet International Journal. The journal was produced by the BI Marketing Committee in close collaboration with MarDirect, publisher of regional BACnet journals for China, Europe, France, Italy and the Middle East. The articles in this first 28-page edition are in five categories: Solutions, BACnet Insight, Products, BACnet around the World and BACnet International. You can download your own copy of the Journal here!
  • BI Announces 2010 PlugFest (7/10) Atlanta, GA. This year's BTL PlugFest will be held November 16-18 in Atlanta at the Westin Atlanta Perimeter North. This is the eleventh annual BACnet Interoperability Workshop and is hosted this year by BACnet International. The PlugFest permits vendors to test their BACnet products in a neutral and friendly environment with BACnet devices from other vendors. Last year more than 98 BACnet engineers representing 35 companies attended the workshop and improved their BACnet implementations and testing methods. The event will begin on Tuesday afternoon to allow for arrival on Monday and setup Tuesday morning. The testing starts at 12:30 pm and continues through Thursday afternoon. For complete details, click here.
  • SSPC and WG Meetings Conclude in Germantown (5/10) Germantown, MD. For the 8th time, Montgomery College was the host for the BACnet committee spring meetings. In addition to a day-and-a-half plenary, 13 working groups also deliberated. These included: AP, EL, IP, IT, LA, LSS, MSTP, OS, OS(AS), SG, TI, WN and XML. More details on the results soon!
  • BACnet Highlighted at MCE 2010 in Milan! (3/10) Milan, Italy. With an attendance of more than 150,000 professionals, Mostra Covengo Expocomfort 2010 was the perfect occasion for the Italian BACnet community to present the capabilities of BACnet to the Italian market for the first time. The MCE show, held in Milan every two years, features HVAC, renewable energy and water treatment technologies. The themes of this year's show were innovation, comfort, efficiency and power saving - technologies dedicated to improving the quality of life. The Associazione BACnet Italia, working in close cooperation with BIG-EU, set up a common booth featuring information from all of the prominent BACnet suppliers who do business in Italy: ABB, Belimo, Carel, Carlo Gavazzi, Delta Controls, ESAC, Johnson Controls, Micromedia, Saia Burgess, Siemens, and Wago. It was a perfect opportunity to show the market the virtues of BACnet, the BACnet products and solutions available in Italy, and the multiple benefits that true interoperability can provide!
  • XML Addendum Approved for Publication! (1/10) Orlando, FL. Arguably one of the most significant addenda in some time, Addendum 135-2008t was approved for publication at the ASHRAE Winter Meeting in Orlando. The addendum specifies a standard way of representing data in XML that will give BACnet new capabilities for communications between a wide range of applications. The eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is a popular technology in the data processing and communications worlds due to its capability to model complex data and its flexibility to be transformed and extended. "With this new IT-friendly way of representing building data, BACnet will open up new ways to communicate. XML can be used for exchanging files between systems, communicating with the Smart Grid, and expanding enterprise integration with richer Web services," said Dave Robin, chair of the BACnet committee. The new XML syntax is intended to be the core data representation for a variety of uses:
    • Powerful new Web services that are capable of efficient exchange of complex structured data.
    • An electronic version of a BACnet Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) document, consumable by workstations and other tools, to describe the capabilities of a device.
    • An "as built" description of a deployed device, distributed either as a separate file or as a BACnet File object resident in the device itself.
    • Descriptions of proprietary objects, properties and data types, which may be simple, for basic data sharing purposes, or extremely rich, providing complete descriptions of the meaning and usage of the data in multiple human languages.
    • An export/import format for tools and workstations to publish their knowledge of a complete system of devices and networks.
    • An XML version of an "Electronic PICS" (EPICS), including the complete test database and other test-oriented data.

    Seven other addenda were also approved for publication. Addendum h has added an important new capability for human languages. When the Unicode character set was created many years ago, it was constructed to be universal set of characters to support most of the world's languages. However, its original 2-byte encoding caused trouble for a lot of existing systems that were designed to process only the 1-byte characters common in western character sets. The "UTF-8" encoding was created to solve this problem and has become a popular method of conveying international text on the Web. BACnet has now embraced this standard and uses it in a way that takes full advantage of its compatibility with the ubiquitous ANSI/ASCII character set.

    BACnet has also added support for more data types. A set of new "Value" objects rounds out BACnet's ability to represent different data types in a uniform and standard way. Added to the original Analog, Binary and Multi-state Value objects are new Value objects for every primitive datatype that BACnet supports, including support for character strings and large numerics.

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