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This section contains previously released news items for your information. They are arranged with the most recent at the top, the oldest at the bottom.
Old BACnet News
  • ISO/TC 205 Meets in Cairo (11/07) Cairo, Egypt. BACnet Hat in GizaRising up out of the sands of Giza, a BACnet hat dominates the view of the Pyramid of Khafre on the outskirts of Cairo. Back in town, ISO/TC 205, Building Environment Design, was meeting to discuss, among other topics, the continuing development of the 16484 series of ISO standards on control system design, of which BACnet (16484-5) and its companion testing standard (16484-6) play a central role. These discussions take place in Working Group 3 among experts from Australia, Austria, Japan, Korea, Norway, Sweden and the U.S. Representing the U.S. and ASHRAE SSPC 135 were Steve Bushby and Mike Newman, Past Chairmen, Bill Swan, current Chairman and Dave Robin, Vice-Chairman. One result of the meeting was the determination that 16464-3, Functions, had finally been republished by ISO to correct the mis-publication of an earlier draft version. Also, discussions of 16484-4, Applications, and 16484-7, Implementation, centered on providing suggestions to the drafting committee within CEN/TC 247. These two parts are under "CEN lead" pursuant to the "Vienna Agreement" between ISO and CEN that is designed to prevent duplication of work on the same area of standardization by both ISO and CEN committees.
  • "BACnet Today" Supplement Articles Available Online! (11/07) Atlanta, GA. AJ-11-2007 CoverThis years ASHRAE Journal BACnet supplement has just shipped with the November Journal. This is the seventh consecutive year that a "BACnet Today" supplement has been prepared by Journal staff. This year's articles include: "BACnet at Cornell", "BACnet Measures Up", "BACnet for Cleanrooms", "BACnet at Georgia Tech", "BACnet for Megachurch", "BACnet Down Under", "BACnet: A Capital Idea", and "BACnet Passes Test". The articles can be downloaded in PDF format from our Bibliography page.
  • A Tale of Two Plugfests: Milwaukee (10/07) Milwaukee, WI. BI Plugfest 2007BACnet International held its 8th annual Interoperability Workshop at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, October 16-18, hosted this year by Johnson Controls. The event allowed vendors to test their BACnet products with BACnet devices from other vendors in a neutral and friendly environment. This year the event was attended by a record 108 engineers from 34 different companies from 6 different countries. On the first day of the workshop, the group was divided into 46 different teams forming 23 work groups per session. Each team participated in 8 work sessions. Training sessions were offered on the second day as an alternative to attending additional testing sessions. On the third day time was provided for teams to schedule their own free-form sessions with other teams. This year's participants were: ABB, Aircuity, Alerton, American Auto-Matrix, Automated Logic, Carrier, Chipkin Automation Systems, Chloride, Cimetrics, Contemporary Controls, Delta, Fieldserver, Heat Timer, Honeywell HBS, ITT, Johnson, KMC, Leviton, Loytec, Lumisys, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Notifier, Phoenix, Reliable, Schneider Electric, Siemens, SoftDel, TAC, Touch-Plate Lighting, Trane, Trend, Tridium, Viconics and Wattstopper.
  • A Tale of Two Plugfests: Stuttgart (10/07) Stuttgart, Germany. Euro Plugfest 2007Two weeks later, October 29-30, the second Plugfest of the year was held at WSPLab in Stuttgart. This event set the European record for attendance with 20 participating companies! The devices tested covered the range from simple B-ASC and B-AAC to B-BC and B-OWS conformant machines. Five manufacturers tested their MS/TP devices while fifteen companies brought BACnet/IP devices to the party. The BACnet capabilities were built into variable speed drives, DDC controllers, graphical workstations and gateways. Altogether there were nine 2-hour test sessions. The companies participating were: ABB, CA Computer Automation, Danfoss, GFR, Kieback & Peter, Honeywell, Johnson, Loytec, MBS, Plüth Gebäudeautomation, Priva, Regel Partners, Saia-Burgess, Sauter, SE-Electronic, Siemens, SysMik, Trend and Wago Kontakttechnik.
  • Ooops! New Version of Addendum k to be Reviewed (10/07) Atlanta, GA. An incorrect version of BSR/ASHRAE Addendum k was posted both here and on ASHRAE's Website. The correct version is now posted and the public review has been extended until December 10, 2007. This proposed addendum adds support for one "Character Encoding Form" at a time. The rationale for this addendum is that "support" for character sets has not been well defined but is needed for interoperability. In addition, this addendum updates the standard to reflect the fact that the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee has changed the name of "JIS C 6226" to "JIS X 0208." The addendum can be downloaded from ASHRAE with associated comment forms or you can download just the revised public review draft by clicking here.
  • BI/BTL and BIG-EU Work to Strengthen Ties (10/07) Dortmund, Germany. In an effort to strengthen communication and to ensure that our mutual goal of consistent testing/listing/certification programs on both sides of the Atlantic is achieved, BI/BTL and BIG-EU have agreed that a liaison from North America will attend future meetings of BIG-EU in Europe. Carl Neilson (Delta Controls), Secretary of SSPC 135, has graciously agreed to serve in this role and attended his first meeting as liaison in Dortmund, Germany, October 9, 2007. In addition, Bill Swan (Alerton/Honeywell), Chairman of SSPC 135, was also able to attend in his new role as Buildings Standards Initiative Leader of Honeywell's Environmental and Combustion Control division. Considering that Bill will likely be able to participate in BIG-EU meetings into the future, the BIG-EU members decided to elect Bill to the position of Vice-President. Congratulations to Carl, Bill, BI/BTL and BIG-EU. We all look forward to working more closely together than ever before!
  • AMEV Publishes "BACnet in Public Buildings" (10/07) Berlin, Germany. AMEV, the "Arbeitskreis Maschinen- und Elektrotechnik staatlicher und kommunaler Verwaltungen" (Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Working Group of German National, Regional and Local Governments), has just published "BACnet in Public Buildings - BACnet 2007", a recommended practice guide for use by governmental authorities throughout the country. The guide was developed with the help of the BIG-EU and Hans Kranz of HAK Engineering, among others. It is aimed at providing guidance for designers, implementers and operators of BACnet-based building automation systems in government buildings of all types. The development and publication of the guide is particularly noteworthy since AMEV has, for years, been the principal advocate for the use of an "island-to-island" protocol (FND - Firm Neutral Datacommunication) which they had developed many years ago. As evidence of AMEV's commitment to BACnet, a joint meeting of AMEV and BIG-EU engineers was held in Dortmund on October 8 to discuss ongoing cooperation between the two organizations. You can download an Order Form for the German-language publication in PDF format and you can read AMEV's introduction to the document here.
  • BACnet Conference and Expo Largest Ever! (9/07) Phoenix, AZ. BAC LogoThe 2007 BACnet Conference and Expo took place September 25-27 at the Wyndham Phoenix Hotel. Over 230 people from across the country and from many sectors of the building automation industry were in attendance. The conference was jointly sponsored by BACnet International and BNP Media, publishers of Engineered Systems magazine.

    Day one focused on BACnet-related topics including BACnet Web Services, wireless BACnet on Zigbee, effectively specifying interoperability, mining BACnet data, access control, security and life safety and others.

    Days two and three focused on the latest intelligent building strategies and equipment for retrofits and new construction, cutting-edge work for open systems and next generation lighting.

    Before, after and during breaks in the presentations an exhibition hall featured booths staffed by representatives of ABB, Alps Controls, Inc., Alerton, American Auto-Matrix, Automated Logic, Cimetrics, Contemporary Controls, Delta Controls, Elodrive, Field Server, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, KMC, Lumisys, Reliable Controls, Richards-Zeta, Siemens, Tridium, Touch-Plate Lighting, Trane, Veris, Viconics and Watt Stopper. The success of the conference has prompted both sponsors to consider a repeat performance, at a venue to be determined, next fall!.

  • SSPC Interim Meeting in Atlanta Yields 6 Addenda! (9/07) Atlanta, GA. GA Tech LogoThe fall interim meeting of SSPC 135 and Working Groups took place September 17-21 at Georgia Tech in downtown Atlanta and produced a record 6 addenda to BACnet-2004 for recommendation as publication public review documents:
    • Addendum 135-2004j is in 60-day public review, from September 14 to November 13. This addendum adds support for physical access control.

    • Addendum 135-2004k is, due to a posting error, now in an extended 45-day public review that will last until December 10. This addendum adds support for one "Character Encoding Form" at a time, needed for interoperability. Also incorporates the Japanese Industrial Standard Committee's change from "JIS C 6226" to "JIS X 0208."

    • Addendum 135-2004l is in 45-day public review, from September 14 to October 29. This addendum adds new operator workstation profiles and BIBBs.

    • Addendum 135-2004m is in 45-day public review, from September 14 to October 29. This addendum contains 12 independent changes to the BACnet standard, including: resolving Foreign Device registration period ambiguities, clarifying the GetEventEnrollment service's Priority Filter parameter, adding requirements to Alarm and Event BIBBs, and defining "object."

    • Addendum 135-2004n is in 45-day public review, from September 14 to October 29. This addendum adds support for devices with long Backup and Restore preparation times.

    • Addendum 135-2004o is in 45-day public review, from September 14 to October 29. This addendum accommodates remote operator access via Annex J BACnet/IP through NAT firewalls.

    All of these addenda may be downloaded by visiting our Addenda page that also provides details on submitting public review comments.

  • BACnet Interest Group - Finland Joins the Fold! (7/07) Helsinki, Finland. BIG-FI Steering Committee A new BACnet interest group has emerged in Finland! The photo, taken in March, 2007, at the Building Systems Fair in Helsinki, shows, from left to right, the founding members of the BIG-FI Steering Committee: Markku Vasara, Siemens; Antti Vuorivirta, ABB; Veijo Lappalainen, VTT; Volker Röhl, DeTeImmobilien, Chairman of BIG-EU; and Börje Sandström, Honeywell. For more info, click here.
  • BIG-EU Forum in Zürich, Tuesday, June 12 (6/07) Dortmund, Germany. BIG-EU has announced its second BACnet Forum of the year to be held in Zurich, Switzerland, on June 12, 2007. Click here to download the brochure or here for the forum Website!
  • BACnet France Association Formed to Complement BIG-EU! (4/07) Paris, France. BACnet France Journal The ACR (Association for Comfort and Regulation) that changed a short time ago into "Syndicat des Automatismes du Génie Climatique et de la Régulation pour l'Efficacité Energétique du Bâtiment", has decided, according to its president, Jean-Daniel Napar, to create BACnet France with the support of its members: BACnet France was conceived in 2006 and will go into action in spring 2007. All companies offering BACnet-based solutions as well as the members of the ACR are cordially invited to join the association. BACnet France is a non-profit making, professional association.

    BACnet France will complement the BIG-EU which actively contributes to the development of the BACnet communication standard, its international promotion and to the guarantee of its quality in terms of interoperability, certification and standardization. To download the inaugural issue of the "BACnet France Journal" click here.

  • Interpretations Now Available (3/07) Ithaca, NY. "Official Interpretations" of the BACnet standard, rendered by the SSPC over the years in response to specific requests, are now available as PDF files by visiting the Interpretations link.
  • Numerous Addenda Begin Public Review (3/07) Atlanta, GA. The public review of numerous addenda to both Standard 135 (BACnet) and 135.1 (Testing Conformance to BACnet) began on March 16, 2007. These include Addenda b, g, h, i and j to BACnet and Addenda b and c
    to the testing standard. All the reviews, except that of 135j, are 45-day reviews and run until April 30, 2007. The review of Addendum j, the access control addendum, is a 60-day review that ends on May 15, 2007. Copies of the drafts, along with descriptions of their contents, are available on our Addenda page. Comment forms and procedures are available from ASHRAE's Website by following the "Technology/Standards" link and downloading the entire public review package for the addendum of interest.
  • VDI, BIG-EU Host Spring Training in Germany (3/07) Karlsruhe, Germany. The German Society of Engineers and BIG-EU will again be hosting a 2-day BACnet training in Karlsruhe on March 19 and 20. The German language class will be taught by Frank Schubert VDI, MBS GmbH, Krefeld, and Dipl.-Ing. Hans R. Kranz VDI, HAK-Ingenieurberatung, Forst/Baden. For further information, click here.
  • Access Control, Lighting and Network Security Addenda Approved for Public Review (1/07) Dallas, TX. During the ASHRAE Winter Meeting, the BACnet committee recommended public review for six addenda to ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2004 (BACnet) and its companion testing standard, 135.1-2003. Three of these addenda extend the areas of building automation supported by BACnet.

    Addendum j to BACnet-2004, approved for first public review, adds physical access control to the areas of building automation supported by BACnet. This is the result of a four-year effort by the Life Safety and Security Working Group, led by convener David Ritter and comprised of representatives from both the HVAC and physical security industries from around the globe. Addendum j completes the extensions which started with Addendum f, the Access Door Object Type, now on its way to publication. The review period for Addendum j will be extended to 60 days to allow members of the access control community extra time to review the addendum. (A draft copy of the addendum is available here.)

    Addendum g, a new means for securing BACnet network communications, provides part of the base on which Addendum j is built. Developed by the Network Security Working Group and entering second public review with only minor changes, Addendum g draws on significant advances in encryption and authentication technologies. Addendum g will also be required for the access control extensions in Addendum j. "Trial implementations are underway," notes working group convener Dave Robin.

    Addendum i, approved for its first public review, will add support for lighting control systems to the BACnet standard. Lighting Applications Working Group convener Steve Karg noted that the extensions will support both sophisticated and simple lighting systems.

    The BACnet committee continues its work on a broad range of items including developing profiles for VAV controllers and VFDs, incorporating wireless capabilities, accommodating and adopting new IP technologies; and extending conformance testing to cover new BACnet capabilities.

  • BIG-EU Sponsors Forum in Amsterdam (1/07) Dortmund, Germany. Gijs de Koning BIG-EU hosted an extremely successful "BACnet Forum" in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the first such event in that country. The event, which took place on December 6, 2006, exceeded all expectations: over 130 BACnet users attended and 14 suppliers presented the advantages of BACnet technology. Pictured is Gijs de Koning of Regel Partners B.V. Gijs is a member of the BIG-EU Board of Directors and his company was instrumental in ensuring the success of the forum. To read the entire press release, click here!
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