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The number of resources available to developers of BACnet products has been growing steadily over the years. This page lists - without specific approval, endorsement or warranty by ASHRAE or the BACnet SSPC - a number of commercial and open-source products that may prove useful. Please visit the accompanying links for further information.
Commercial Suppliers
Here are links to several companies that provide hardware and/or software that can be used to develop/implement/test BACnet communication capabilities.
  • BACmove BACmove offers solutions to use the BACnet protocol on mobile devices. Their BACnet Explorer and HMI apps are available for Android and iOS devices. They also offer BACnet app development services and a BACnet library compatible with Android, iOS and Windows (UWP). Click here for more information.
  • Chipkin Automation Systems Chipkin offers a wide range of BACnet-centric solutions. Some examples are BACnet Stacks, BACnet Tools (such as BACnet Explorer, Scanner, Object Monitor, etc.), Routers, Gateways/Converters, and Loggers. For details, please click here.
  • Cimetrics Cimetrics offers networking products for distributed monitoring and control systems BACnet Routers, OPC Server, BAS-o-matic protocol analyzer and BACnet Explorer. Cimetrics offers a BACnet protocol stack called BACstacTM designed for use in Windows and Linux based workstations, servers, and gateways, as well as in embedded controllers. For details, click here.
  • FieldServer Technologies FieldServer offers a family of ProtoCessor - OEM Protocol Modules that support BACnet, LON, Modbus and a variety of other protocols. Check out the ProtoCessor website by clicking here.
  • INTEGRATED INTEGRATED offers a variety of products to get connected to BACnet with simple interfaces. Their website can be accessed by clicking here.
  • MBS MBS provides several BACnet products including a Universal BACnet Gateway, BACnet routers, protocol stacks, and the "BACnet Test Framework", a tool for automated protocol testing using scripts such as those developed by the BTL-WG. Check out their website here.
  • Newron System Newron System offers a variety of software including BACnet APIs for Windows and Linux, using C/C++ and VB. They also offer a Web Services interface and OPC products. Access their website by clicking here.
  • PolarSoft PolarSoft can provide a range of software for developers such as its BACdoorTM Client and BACdoorTM Server for building BACnet applications. In addition, they offer their FreeRangeTM products which include a version specially designed for very small embedded implementations. Visit their product page by clicking here.
  • SCADA Engine SCADA Engine offers a variety of software development kits for both client and server applications. Software is available for Windows and Linux and uses C and C++. They also offer several BACnet-OPC products. Their website can be accessed by clicking here.
  • Servisys Servisys is now offering a free open source BACnet tool, written in Python (using BACpypes) that can be used by programmers of DDC equipment to test their sequences of operation. The tool is called "BAC0" and information is available by clicking here.
  • SoftDEL Systems SoftDEL offers a royalty-free BACnet stack library to building automation OEMs. Their services include BACnet training and consulting, stack integration, testing, and porting to target device application/platform. Their stack library includes: BACnet MS/TP stack (Baremetal) that supports profiles ranging from B-SS to B-ASC; BACnet MS/TP stack (OS/RTOS) that supports profiles ranging from simple B-ASC to B-BC; and BACnet/IP stack (OS/RTOS) that supports profiles ranging from simple B-SS to complex B-AWS. SoftDEL also offers a BACnet/IP Simulation Tool (BOSS) for testing various BACnet functionalities. Click here for more information.
Open Source BACnet Projects
If you are considering writing your own BACnet implementation, the following open source projects on SourceForge.net may be useful.
  • BACnet Firewall Router The BACnet Firewall Router (BFR) is an application that combines BACnet routing capability with traffic management functions to carefully control access to building automation and control networks.
  • BACnet on Rabbit This is a Dynamic C port of the BACnet Protocol Stack (referred to above) for use with systems based on the Rabbit family of processors. The initial port targets the Rabbit BL4S100 single board computers using BACnet/IP but, according to the author, it should be easy enough to get it working with other Rabbit products.
  • BACnet Protocol Stack This BACnet library provides a BACnet application layer, network layer and media access (MAC) layer communications services for an embedded system.
  • BACnet Stack for Linux This project's goal is to develop a complete implementation of the BACnet protocol for use by anyone who wishes to give their products BACnet communication capability.
  • BACnetSim BACnetSim is meant to be a portable implementation of the BACnet data communication protocol. BACnetSim is meant for embedded devices and uses MS/TP as the media access layer. BACnetSim is a fork of bacnet-stack-0.0.1
  • BACnet4J This project is a BACnet/IP implementation written for Java (minimum version 1.5) by Serotonin Software. Supports all BACnet services and full message segregation. Can be used for field devices or for control platforms.
  • BACpypes This BACnet library provides a BACnet application layer and network layer written in Python for daemons, scripting, and graphical interfaces.
  • Mango M2M This is an open source Machine-to-Machine platform that supports BACnet/IP (via BACnet4J, see previous item).
  • Node BACstack Library This is a BACnet protocol stack written in pure JavaScript.
  • Temco BACnet Front End The T3000 Building Automation System front end is a mature project for managing the mechanical systems of commercial buildings. The application is coded using Visual Studio 2015/2010 in C++ and hosted on GitHub. The software runs on a Windows PC and works mainly with Temco Controls products but anyone is welcome to join in and add their own devices and features. Communications is supported over BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/IP and Modbus over all the usual physical layers: Ethernet, wifi, EIA-485, EIA-232, ZigBee, and GSM network.
  • Visual Test Shell for BACnet Visual Test Shell (VTS) is an application for testing the BACnet functionality of various devices used in building automation systems. VTS is one of the main tools used by the BACnet Testing Laboratories and is currently being upgraded to support enhanced automated scripting capabilities.
  • Yet Another BACnet Explorer (YABE) YABE is a small graphical explorer program written in C#, for browsing BACnet devices. It currently supports BACnet/IP + BACnet MS/TP + BACnet PTP. It provides basic functions for read, write, read multiple, write multiple, i-am, who-is, subscribeCOV, notify, read file, write file, etc.
Other Resources
  • BACnet International Developer Resources This site is maintained by members of the BACnet Testing Laboratories Working Group and contains, among other things, the most current version of the BTL Implementation Guidelines, a compendium of best practices in BACnet system design.
  • BACnet Experts This is a place to go to ask any BACnet question and get expert advice free-of-any-charge, detailed answers to a number of common questions that are highly technical and free and detailed tutorials on BACnet developer topics.
  • Wireshark Wireshark is an open source protocol analyzer used by network professionals around the world for troubleshooting, analysis, software and protocol development, and education. Wirehark supports hundreds of popular protocols and contains extensive decoding of BACnet messages, including the ability to set up very specific capture and display filters. There are versions for Unix, Linux, and Windows. Here is a list of useful display filters!
Feedback on this page is highly desired. If you know of other resources that might help developers, please contact the Webmaster!