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Interest in BACnet is world-wide. Information on the status of BACnet Interest Groups is provided below.
BIG-AustralAsia (BIG-AA) 

The BACnet Interest Group - AustralAsia is promoting BACnet in the regions "down under." As of February 2003, BIG-AA has members from 11 countries around the Pacific rim.

BIG-AA made its public debut at the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services Exhibition (ARBS 2000) in Melbourne at the end of March, 2000. The exhibition, held in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) Industry Conference, had over 200 exhibitors.

For further information, you may contact Simon Mahoney, Chairman of BIG-AA.

BIG-China & Asia (BIG-CA) 

The BACnet Interest Group - China & Asia (BIG-CA) was founded in July 2011.

The officers of BIG-CA are:

Douglas Chan, President, Delta Controls
Feng Tao, Vice President, Siemens Ltd. China
Nicolas Trang, Treasurer, PcVue China
Mr. Shan Bo, Director of Marketing, Instrumentation Technology & Economy Institute
Miss Wang Jing, Secretary, Instrumentation Technology & Economy Institute

The BIG's website can be visited at www.big-ca.org.

BIG-Europe (BIG-EU)

BIG-Europe was officially launched on May 14, 1998, in Frankfurt, Germany, for the purpose of promoting BACnet through "marketing, training, and certification." The BIG is open for membership to all interested European parties. For business purposes, it was decided to constitute the group as an "eingetragener Verein" (registered organization) under German law (hence the "e. V." in the logo). The founding is described in an article written by Dr. Manfred Stahl, Editor-in-Chief of Clima Commerce International.
Inquiries about BIG-Europe should be directed to the organization's business office:

BACnet Interest Group Europe e.V.
c/o MarDirect
Droste-Hülshoff-Str. 1
D-44141 Dortmund

Tel: +49-2 31-56 77 72 69
FAX: +49-2 31-42 78 67 32
E-Mail: info@big-eu.org

BIG-Europe now has a website at www.big-eu.org. The site is bilingual, in both English and German. Have a look!

BIG-Finland (BIG-FI) 

The BACnet Interest Group Finland (BIG-FI) was founded in Finland on January 16, 2007. BIG-FI operates as one of the committees of the Finnish Society of Automation. The organization was founded by the Finnish members of BIG-EU, i.e., ABB, Honeywell, Siemens and VTT.

Please visit http://www.automaatioseura.com/jaostot/bacnet/esittely for more information and http://www.automaatioseura.com/jaostot/bacnet/johtokunta--hallitus for contacts.

BIG-Middle East (BIG-ME)

The BACnet Interest Group - Middle East, BIG-ME, was formed in September 2003 in cooperation with the Emirates Falcon Chapter of ASHRAE located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Among BIG-ME's initial objectives:
  • Promote interoperability using BACnet technology
  • Maintain a permanent BACnet Lab in Dubai for testing, demonstration and certification of products
  • Educate the community about BACnet by publishing a quarterly magazine
  • Develop free specification tools to help consultants to specify BACnet
  • Coordinate with the BMA and ASHRAE to achieve common objectives collectively
The founding sponsors included the following organizations: Automated Logic Corporation, Citect, Corodex, Danway, Delta Controls, GLOBENSOL, Honeywell, Invensys, Novar, Saia-Burgess, Siemens, Trane and York.
The elected officers of BIG-ME for 2015-2017 are:
Salman Kalam Siddiqui, President
Anu Sivaprasad, Vice-President
Vijay Kumar, Secretary

BIG-ME is hoping to be able to form chapters around the Gulf and, eventually, throughout the Middle East region.

Congratulations to all of the members of BIG-ME for getting off to a great start!

BIG-Poland (BIG-PL) 

The BACnet Interest Group Poland (BIG-PL) is expected to be up and running by September 2009. For current information, please visit the BIG-PL website.

The current officers of BIG-PL are:

Ryszard Sipowicz, President
Eddie H. Swistak, 1st Vice-President, Responsible for marketing
Przemyslaw Wojdat, 2nd Vice-President, Responsible for technical issues
Tomasz H. Sipowicz, Treasurer
Kenneth R. Kraus, Secretary
Elias T. Saber-Du-Cane, Member of the Board

Questions concerning BIG-PL can be directed to Ryszard Sipowicz, President.

BIG-Russia (BIG-RU) 

The BACnet Interest Group - Russia, BIG-RU, was founded on September 15, 2005. Its mission is the promotion of BACnet in the Russian Building Automation and Controls and Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning markets. To accomplish this, BIG-RU has committed to help its members establish reliable relationships, including partnerships, with existing Russian controls companies who already have a foothold in the Russian market. In addition, BIG-RU plans to set up a BACnet Training Center where interested parties can get both theoretical and hands-on experience with BACnet products and systems; to publish a periodical E-Newsletter; and to participate is a variety of Russian trade exhibitions, shows, and workshops.

BIG-RU now has an excellent Website which can be accessed in either English or по-русски.

For further information about BIG-RU and its programs you can contact:

Andrey Golovin, Executive Director, BACnet Interest Group - Russia

BIG-Sweden (BIG-SE) 

The BACnet Interest Group - Sweden is a technical group within the Swedish Society for Heating, Ventilation and Sanitation, VVS Tekniska Föreningen. The group aims to promote BACnet through training and publications. BACnet seminars have been held in both 2006 and 2008 at Nordbygg, Scandinavia's largest exhibition dedicated to building technologies. The first live demonstration of BACnet technology was held at Nordbygg 2008 with the following participating companies: BoTech, Carrier, FläktWoods, Kieback&Peter, SAIA, Siemens and Swegon. A number of articles on BACnet topics have already appeared in Sweden's biggest HVAC magazine, Energi & Miljö. Additional information is available, in Swedish, at the VVS Tekniska Föreningen Website .

The current steering committee of BIG-SE is made up of the following:

Farhad Basiri - iQuest ab
Bengt-Göran Jarefors - VVS Tekniska Föreningen
Michael Jörgensen - Energo AB
Jan Risén - FläktWoods AB

Questions concerning BIG-SE can be directed to Bengt-Göran Jarefors.

BIG-North America (BIG-NA) 

After six years of existence, during which time the goal of converting the building automation industry from a "manufacturer-driven" to a "user-driven" industry was largely accomplished, the members of BIG-NA decided to join forces with the BACnet Manufacturers Association to create BACnet International.