BACnet-L BACnet-L is an e-mail list server located at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. It is an open list and is intended to provide a communications vehicle for those wishing to discuss BACnet. All SSPC members are subscribers to the list, along with nearly five hundred other interested persons. By subscribing, you agree to the following "Code of Conduct" regarding your participation:

"This mailing list has been created to foster the free and collegial exchange of information and opinions regarding BACnet and its application and growth as an international standard. In order to support the courteous and dignified exchange of ideas, each subscriber agrees to submit only questions and commentary that are reasoned, respectful and that reflect the spirit of cooperation and community that BACnet and its many voluntary supporters deserve.

Submissions that are abusive, mean-spirited, blatantly commercial or personally attack other parties and/or their presumed motives or intentions, either directly or indirectly, will not be tolerated. Should you engage in such submissions, in the exclusive judgment of the list monitors, you will be removed from the list."

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