BIG-AustralAsia Displays at ARBS 2000 in Melbourne, Australia
Report by Jim Henry, Doust & Henry

BIG-AA made its debut at the ARBS show in Melbourne, Australia. The BIG-AA booth was a focal point of interest for controls companies as well as consultants, contractors, and clients.

The BIG-AA booth was used as an information service on BACnet and also gave attendees directions to the companies involved in the interoperability demonstration. Delta Controls, Alerton, Automated Logic, Trane, and Simplex connected panels together over an Ethernet LAN. This was done pretty well spontaneously without a lot of preparation, which goes to show how seamless the interoperability is using BACnet.

At the show in discussions with a series of Australian manufacturers, several companies stated that they have made the decision to go to BACnet as their native protocol. We will provide more information on these companies as they implement BACnet.

The photo shows some members of BIG-AA. Included are representatives of Alerton, Innovative Control Solutions, Setpoint Systems, Sphere Systems, and Doust & Henry.