BACnet® Manufacturers' Association Launched

Boston, MA - The newly formed BACnet Manufacturers' Association will hold its kick-off meeting coincident with the 2000 International Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Exposition in Dallas, Texas. The organization will develop a conformance testing and listing program for building automation equipment that uses ASHRAE's BACnet communication protocol.

"Customers want the assurance that the BACnet products they purchase will be able to interoperate with BACnet products produced by other vendors. A testing program is a step in that direction," said Gerry Hull, president of Automated Logic Corporation. Testing standards developed by ASHRAE's BACnet committee will be the basis for the conformance testing performed by the BACnet Manufacturers' Association. Products that successfully pass the tests will be able to display the BACnet Manufacturers' Association logo, and will be listed on the Association's website.

Another goal of the BACnet Manufacturers' Association is to publicize BACnet's successes so as to increase support for BACnet. According to Jim Lee, president of Cimetrics, Inc., "Many people do not know that BACnet has been successfully used in several thousand jobs already. We want to get out the word, and make a case for why consulting engineers and building owners should specify BACnet in their projects."

H. Michael Newman, chairman of the BACnet committee, voiced his support for the BACnet Manufacturers' Association: "I believe that the BACnet Manufacturers' Association will be very beneficial to BACnet and open communication standards in the building automation industry. The BACnet Manufacturers' Association will be able to support the use of BACnet in ways that complement the work of the BACnet committee and other organizations."

The BACnet Manufacturers' Association will work with existing BACnet organizations, including ASHRAE SSPC 135 (BACnet Committee), the BACnet Interoperability Testing Consortium, BIG-NA, BIG-AA and BIG-Europe, in order to continue to advance the BACnet standard.