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Official Website of ASHRAE SSPC 135
This Website is dedicated to providing the latest information on BACnet - A Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks. Developed under the auspices of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), BACnet is an American national standard, a European standard, a national standard in more than 30 countries, and an ISO global standard. The protocol is supported and maintained by ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 135 whose members have created and provided the content for this Website.

Here you will find the latest BACnet news, the status of SSPC 135 activities, a comprehensive bibliography of BACnet publications - many of which are available on-line - along with a wealth of other information. In keeping with ASHRAE's long-standing tradition and policy of non-commercialism, this site contains no advertising. However, BACnet's success depends on the implementation of BACnet in commercial products. Thus, we are pleased to offer links to the Websites of manufacturers who are supporting BACnet through their product offerings.

The SSPC welcomes your comments and suggestions concerning this site!

Latest News
  • Interim Meeting Details Announced! (9/17) Zug, Switzerland. SSPC Chairman Bernhard Isler has published the details of the upcoming meeting in Atlanta, October 23-26. Click here for the information.
  • ASHRAE Announces Public Review of Addendum 2016bd. (8/17) Atlanta, GA. Proposed Addendum 135-2016bd has begun its 3rd publication public review which will run from August 18 to October 2, 2017. The addendum adds a new Staging Object Type which provides a way for BACnet devices to map analog values onto multiple Binary Value, Binary Output, or Binary Lighting Output objects.
  • ASHRAE Issues Vendor ID 1000! (7/17) Atlanta, GA. Vendor IDs (VIDs) have now hit the 1000 mark! On July 12 ASHRAE assigned Vendor ID 1000 to Ekon GmbH, located in Bruneck, South Tyrol, Italy. Remarkably, the pace of issuance continues to grow. While the original purpose of the Vendor ID was to provide a numerical value to distinguish vendor-specific extensions to the BACnet protocol, the VID has also become a general metric to gauge organizations' interest in exploring BACnet technology. ASHRAE began issuing VIDs with the publication of BACnet-1995, twenty-two years ago. Today VIDs belong to organizations in 49 countries. The SSPC wishes to thank all the organizations that have shown their interest in BACnet by obtaining a VID!
  • BACnet Committee Meets in Long Beach! (6/17) Long Beach, CA. SSPC 135 (a.k.a. the BACnet Committee) met over 5 days in June. The committee gathered for the summer meeting in Long Beach, CA, as part of the ASHRAE Annual Conference.

    Aside from work on pending addenda and proposals, important discussion points were:

    • The release to ASHRAE of Addendum 135-2016be (Lighting BIBBs and profiles) for a 3rd Public Review.
    • The release to ASHRAE of Addendum 135-2016bn (Miscellaneous BIBB Changes) for 1st Public Review.
    • The release to ASHRAE of Addendum 135-2016bq (Miscellaneous Access Control Changes) for 1st Public Review.
    • The release to ASHRAE of Addendum 135-2016bi (Audit Logging) for a 4th 30-day Public Review of Independent Substantive Changes.
    • Discussion of the future direction of Addendum 135-2016bj (BACnet/IT), and the proposed introduction of a new, security based datalink called "BACnet Secure Connect" or "BACnet/SC".
    • Continued discussion of future applications for CSML, including discussion of BIBBs.

    The SSPC wishes to thank its volunteers for their time and effort on the BACnet standard.
  • BACnet Committee Meets in Ft. Lauderdale! (4/17) Plantation, FL. SSPC 135 (the BACnet Committee) met over 4 days in April. The committee gathered for its spring interim meeting, generously hosted again by the Lutron Experience Center in Plantation, Florida, just west of Fort Lauderdale. In addition to work on pending addenda and proposals, important discussion points included:
    • The release to ASHRAE of Addendum 135-2016bd (Staging Object Type) for a 3rd Publication Public Review.
    • The release to ASHRAE of Addendum 135-2016bl (Miscellaneous Changes) for publication.
    • Discussion of the future direction of Addendum 135-2016bj (BACnet/IT), based on public review comments.
    • Discussion of the future direction of Addendum 135-2016bb (MS/TP zero config), based on public review comments.
    • Continued discussion of semantic tagging methodologies as they pertain to non-English locales  and ontologies.
    • Continued discussion of future applications for CSML (the Control Systems Modeling Language defined in Annex Q).

    The SSPC wishes to thank its volunteers for their time and effort on the BACnet standard.  Special thanks also go to Lutron for providing the venue, in support of the committee, and their gracious hospitality throughout this meeting and meetings past!

  • Austrian Armed Services Confer on BACnet! (4/17) Salzburg, Austria. The Austrian Leadership Support and Cyber Defense Command and the Military Real Estate Management Center of the Austrian Armed Services recently concluded their third conference on "Building Automation with BACnet". Thirty-five experts from both Germany and Austria participated in the event held in the Salzburg Schwarzenberg barracks. Among the participants were representatives of the Deutsche Bundesbank (Germany's federal bank), the Technical Universities of Vienna and Graz, as well as a number of designers and manufacturers. Longtime BACneteer Hans Kranz moderated the event.

    While the first two conferences focused on "Interoperability in Building Automation" and "BACnet Guidelines for Multivendor Projects", this event focused on the "Integrated Design and Implementation Process" and hoped to clarify the relative scopes of the owner and his specifications; the designer's services; the project's execution; and the final handover to the owner. The role of possible computer support for each of these functions was also considered.

    Meeting leader Rupert Fritzenwallner of the Leadership Support and Cyber Defense Command thanked the participants for their commitment and contributions and expressed delight that the BACnet meetings of the Austrian Armed Services, as a platform for information exchange and transfer of BACnet knowledge, were being so positively received.

  • Two Addenda Released for Public Review! (4/17) Atlanta, GA. ASHRAE has just announced the start of 45-day public reviews of two addenda to the BACnet standard. Addendum 135-2016bi, Audit Reporting, is going out for its 3rd Publication Public Review of Independent Substantive Changes while Addendum 135-2016bp, Tweaks to BACnet Web Services, is going out for its first review. Click on the above links for details!
  • BACnet User Group New England to meet on March 30, 2017. (3/17)  The next meeting of the BACnet User Group New England will be on Thursday, March 30, 2017 in Needham, Massachusetts.  The speakers will be Gabriel Kirby from LG and Mike Leathem from PTC.  All are welcome to attend, but preregistration is required.  Visit www.bacnetusergroupne.com for details.
  • Strides Made Towards Higher-Level Semantics! (1/17) Las Vegas, NV. During its winter meeting in Las Vegas, the BACnet committee made substantial progress towards the application of semantic information in BACnet and the creation of a general standard tag dictionary for building automation and associated building systems, useful in a broad range of applications and protocols, including BACnet.

    The semantic tagging concept for BACnet was voted out for an initial Publication Public Review as draft Addendum 135-2016bo. This tagging concept is foreseen to be a new BACnet Annex and defines how semantic tags from various dictionaries are applied in BACnet objects and the abstract data model (BACnet XD).

    For interoperable use of semantic tags, well-defined and robust standardized tag dictionaries are a fundamental prerequisite. The creation of a new ASHRAE standard, "Designation and Classification of Semantic Tags for Building Data", was proposed by the BACnet committee and approved by the ASHRAE Standards Committee. The new standard will provide a dictionary of tags for building automation and associated systems and protocols and is envisioned to ultimately become an ISO standard. Tags from this dictionary will be usable for tagging of building data in databases, protocols, BIM data, and other applications. For practical reasons, the draft of this new proposed ASHRAE standard 223P will be created and brought through the public review process by the BACnet committee. The formation of a dedicated project committee for this new standard and its future continuation and maintenance will be considered.

    Also related to higher-level semantics, the Elevator and Life Safety Working Groups held a joint Occupant Evacuation Operation (OEO) summit to discuss BACnet-based standardized application interfaces between fire alarm systems (FAS) and elevator systems (ES), for the purpose of OEO. This meeting was attended not only by BACnet people, but also by representatives from the fire and elevator domain. OEO is a relatively new concept, in particular for high rise buildings, enabling the use of elevators for the fast and safe evacuation of building occupants in the case of a fire. Aside from specific elevator and building construction requirements, OEO demands that FASs be able to provide detailed information about fire and evacuation states of floors to the ES, and that some state indications be available for transfer from the ES to the FAS. BACnet is considered a suitable protocol for conveying this information. As a result of this meeting, further work is planned by the Elevator and Life Safety Working Groups to create an initial draft of the application interface specification. This is a type of pioneer work, even for BACnet, above and beyond BACnet objects and semantic tags.

    Aside from work on pending addenda and proposals, Addendum 135-2016bi, Audit Reporting, was approved for a 3rd Publication Public Review of Independent Substantive Changes (ISC). Only a few substantive changes were needed after the second review and these will be open for review. A new draft Addendum 135-2016bp was also ready for review and will be approved off-meeting for its initial Publication Public Review. This new addendum will fix a number of small issues found by implementers of the BACnet RESTful web services defined in Annex W of BACnet.

    The SSPC wishes to thank its volunteers for their time and effort on the BACnet standard.

  • Addendum-135-2016bj out for 1st APR! (12/16) Atlanta, GA. ASHRAE has announced the first Advisory Public Review of Addendum 135-2016bj from December 9, 2016 until February 7, 2017. This addendum extends the BACnet Architecture for Use of Internet Application Protocols; adds BACnet Virtual Router Link Half-Router; adds new Annex YY for the BACnet Virtual Router Link; adds new Annex ZZ, BACnet IT; adds and extends Object Types for BACnet/IT; adds and extends ASN.1 Types for BACnet/IT; introduces new Error Codes for BACnet/IT; and defines Interoperability Specification Extensions for BACnet/IT.

    To read a "white paper" written by the draft addendum's principal author and SSPC chairman Bernhard Isler, please click here.

    APRs are used to get informal public comments and guidance when a proposed addendum contains a significant amount of new material some of which may generate questions or controversy. They thus give the project committee an opportunity to resolve issues prior to publication review and thus help to expedite the standards development process.

    Please click on the link above to see the addendum's content or visit www.ASHRAE.org to both get a copy and submit comments.

  • BACnet-2016 Approved as ISO/FDIS 16484-5 (Ed 6)! (11/16) Geneva, Switzerland. The ISO Central Secretariat has announced that balloting has closed on the most recent edition of BACnet (BACnet-2016) as ISO/Final Draft International Standard 16484-5, 6th edition. The results were approved without a negative vote, 15-0-12. This means that BACnet implementers and users will be able to reference the international standard in their specifications and design documents, an important consideration in many parts of the world where such standards are required in public procurement and by some private concerns.
  • Fifth Swan Award Presented to Cliff Copass! (10/16) Atlanta, GA. During the October 25 plenary session of SSPC 135, David Fisher, President of PolarSoft Inc., announced the recipient of the fifth annual "Swan Award." Fisher reiterated the purpose of the award: "This award, which is presented yearly, honors the memory of our dear friend and colleague, Bill Swan, a.k.a. BACnet Bill, who passed away in 2011. We want to remember him always not only for his substantial dedication and contributions to BACnet, but also as a good and honest man, devoted to his family and faith. This award carries on Bill's example of even-handedness, rational and considerate discussion, and a focus on how to make the standard better for everyone. The award honors those individuals who through their actions demonstrate the qualities of integrity, selflessness, camaraderie and fierce dedication to the standard that we admired in Bill."

    Fisher explained that this year's selection was based on several criteria about the recipient:

    • Authored parts of the standard
    • Served as a Working Group convener
    • Was an implementer/product designer
    • Has provided education to others about BACnet
    • Has worked on behalf of BACnet with other groups, such as BACnet International
    • Has shared knowledge and experience with others through public forums such as LinkedIn and BACnet-L

    Fisher (above right) then presented the 2016 Swan Award to longtime SSPC participant Cliff Copass (above left). "It is our intent to continue to sponsor these awards in the future," explained Fisher, also noting that he continues to encourage other organizations within the BACnet sphere who are interested in sharing sponsorship to contact him directly.

Coming Events

  • October 23-26, 2017, SSPC Meeting, Atlanta, GA
  • November 7, 2017, BACnet User Group New England, Boston, MA The next meeting of the BACnet User Group New England will be on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. Mike Newman and Jim Butler will give presentations, and a facility tour will be offered. All are welcome to attend, but preregistration is required. Visit www.bacnetusergroupne.com for details.
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