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Official Website of ASHRAE SSPC 135
This Website is dedicated to providing the latest information on BACnet - A Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks. Developed under the auspices of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), BACnet is an American national standard, a European standard, a national standard in more than 30 countries, and an ISO global standard. The protocol is supported and maintained by ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 135 whose members have created and provided the content for this Website.

Here you will find the latest BACnet news, the status of SSPC 135 activities, a comprehensive bibliography of BACnet publications - many of which are available on-line - along with a wealth of other information. In keeping with ASHRAE's long-standing tradition and policy of non-commercialism, this site contains no advertising. However, BACnet's success depends on the implementation of BACnet in commercial products. Thus, we are pleased to offer links to the Websites of manufacturers who are supporting BACnet through their product offerings.

The SSPC welcomes your comments and suggestions concerning this site!

Latest News
  • SSPC April interim meeting announced!(3/22) Greensburg, PA. SSPC Chairman Coleman Brumley has announced the details of the spring interim meeting. This meeting will be held April 25, 2022 to April 29, 2022 and will include a hybrid option for the entirety of the event. For information on the meeting, please click here.
  • Protocol Revision 24 Published!(1/22) Greensburg, PA. SSPC Chairman Coleman Brumley has announced the publication of 4 addenda, which collectively comprise Protocol Revision 24. The addenda that make up PR 24 are:

  • SSPC Las Vegas face-to-face meeting announced!(1/22) Greensburg, PA. SSPC Chairman Coleman Brumley has announced the details of the first face-to-face SSPC meeting in over 2 years! This years meeting will also include a hybrid option during the Plenary meeting times. For details, please check here.
  • Protocol Revision 23 Published!(8/21) Greensburg, PA. SSPC Chairman Coleman Brumley has announced the publication of Addendum 135-2020cd (Add TLS 1.3 Cipher Suite Profile), which comprises Protocol Revision 23.
  • SSPC Virtual Plenary SessionThe summer SSPC 135 Plenary virtual meeting was a two part meeting held on June 17th and July 6th, 2020. A Memorandum of Understanding between Joel Bender, BACnet International and SSPC 135 with respect to the continued support of the bacnet.org website was discussed and formally accepted by the group. An updated 223P Title, Purpose and Scope was reviewed and formally accepted by the group. Comments from the public reviews for Addendum bv and ca were approved and an updated Addendum ca was voted out for a second public review as an ISC.
  • Virtual MeetingsDue to COVID-19, regular meetings have gone virtual. Several working groups are holding regular teleconferences and the SSPC will hold Plenary sessions as important items have been approved by the working groups. Please check this calendar.
  • Mike Newman (3/20) Ithaca, NY. H. Michael Newman, a.k.a. "The Father of BACnet", unexpectedly passed away in his home in Ithaca. See a short tribute to Mike from the other BACnet committee chairs, past and present. There is video recording of "A BACnet Retrospective from People Who Were There" that was recorded at the BACnet International Testing Symposium in 2018, an opportunity to hear Mike talk about the history of BACnet in his own words.
  • SSPC Orlando Agenda Released! (1/20) Victoria, BC. SSPC Chairman Mike Osborne has announced the details for this year's first plenary meeting in Orlando. For information on the meeting please click here.
  • BACnet/SC Published at Long Last! (12/19) Atlanta, GA. BACnet now has a new secure communication option that is built upon widely used IT standards.  BACnet/SC, defined in Addendum bj, uses WebSockets and TLS to implement peer authentication, message encryption, and reliable connection-oriented communication between BACnet/SC devices.  BACnet/SC can be implemented on any IPv4 or IPv6 network.  More information about BACnet/SC is available in this article written by Jim Butler and this white paper written by Dave Fisher, Bernhard Isler, and Mike Osborne. Coincident with the official approval of BACnet/SC, the existing network security functionality defined in the BACnet standard (Clause 24) was removed.

    All of the above mentioned committee members, and many more, deserve congratulations on bringing this important project to a successful conclusion after several years of intense effort!

  • Three New Interpretations Published! (11/19) Atlanta, GA. At the just concluded interim meeting in Atlanta three new interpretations to BACnet-2016 were agreed to. To view them, click here and scroll down to Interpretations 19, 20, and 21.
  • SSPC Meets Again in Atlanta! (10/19) Victoria, BC. SSPC Chairman Mike Osborne has announced the details for this year's fall interim meeting in Atlanta. For information on the meeting at Georgia Tech, please click here.
  • Five Addenda and 135.1-2019 Published! (9/19) Atlanta, GA. August 26, 2019 was a banner day! Five addenda were finalized and published along with an up-to-date version of ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135.1-2019, Method of Test for Conformance to BACnet. The newly published addenda are:

    The new version of 135.1 is available at the ASHRAE Bookstore. Just enter "BACnet 135" to see the current offerings.
  • Three Addenda Go Out for Public Review! (7/19) Atlanta, GA. Three proposed addenda are now undergoing 45-day Publication Public Reviews from June 21 to August 5, 2019:

    Addendum 135-2016bj is going out for its 3rd review. This addendum introduces the BACnet Secure Connect Datalink Layer Option and BACnet/SC in the Application and Network Layer Specifications; adds new Annex YY for the BACnet Secure Connect Datalink Layer Option and a Device_UUID Property to the Device Object; extends APDU Encoding for Lage APDU Sizes; introduces new Error Codes for BACnet/SC; and defines Interoperability Specification Extensions for BACnet/SC and Extended 6- Octet VMAC.

    Addendum 135-2016by is going out for its 1st review. This addendum removes Clause 24, Network Security, and all references to it.

    Addendum 135-2016bz is going out for its 1st review. This addendum adds Who-Am-I and You-Are Services.

    Please click on the links above to see the addendum's content or visit www.ASHRAE.org to both get a copy and submit comments.

  • Two Addenda Go Out for Public Review! (3/19) Atlanta, GA. This proposed addendum is undergoing a 30-day 2nd Publication Public Review from March 29 to April 28, 2019: Addendum 135-2016bw. There is a need for a simple, universal data exchange format for the transfer of time-series data between various platforms for operations such as analyzing the energy performance of buildings. This addendum adds a Time Series Data Exchange Format.

    This proposed addendum is undergoing a 45-day 1st Publication Public Review from March 29 to May 13, 2019: Addendum 135-2016bx. This addendum adds Device Address Proxy functions, i.e., describes a mechanism by which a BACnet router can perform I-Am request proxying for any directly connected BACnet network.

    Please click on the links above to see the addendum's content or visit www.ASHRAE.org to both get a copy and submit comments.

  • BIG-EU Sponsors First Two-Day BACnet Academy! (2/19) Dortmund, Germany. Designing and operating buildings more efficiently will be the focus of BIG-EU's first two-day BACnet Academy. Here is an excerpt from the press release announcing the seminar.

    "The BACnet Interest Group - Europe (BIG-EU) will be holding its first two-day BACnet Academy in Stockholm, Sweden, on April 24-25. The event will feature the basics of interoperability as well as innovations from the world of networked building technology.

    With 64% worldwide market coverage, BACnet is already the backbone of building automation in functional buildings. New applications, such as semantic tagging, are now being added to make the standard even more powerful and pave the way for all BACnet users to enter the Building Internet of Things (BIoT). This will be demonstrated using an IP-capable valve actuator and a camera-based person counter with BACnet/IP. An MS/TP valve actuator will also be demonstrated.

    The Academy will support building planners, system integrators, project engineers and facility managers with an intensive and up-to-date overview of possible applications. 'With the many innovations concerning BACnet, smart buildings can be operated even more efficiently,' explains Frank Schubert, spokesman for the BIG-EU Advisory Board, who is also the instructor at the Academy in Stockholm. He will provide participants with first-hand information on the integration of lighting, security and elevator technology; on the integration of cloud computing; on the new BACnet/Secure Connect technology [BACnet/SC]; as well as the worldwide certification system for BACnet products. Academy participants will be awarded a certificate and additional information and registration may be found at www.bacnetacademy.org."

  • BIG-EU Again Hosts BACnet Booth at ISH! (2/19) Dortmund, Germany. ISH ("Internationale Sanitär- und Heizungsmesse"), the International Plumbing and Heating Show, is held every two years in Frankfurt am Main. It is one of Europe's largest trade shows with nearly 200,000 visitors and more than 2,400 exhibitors from all over the world. The BACnet exhibition will be hosted, once again, by the BACnet Interest Group - Europe and will be located at Stand A61 in Hall 10.3. Here is an excerpt from BIG-EU's press release.

    "Under the slogan "BACnet® – Most Successful Standard in Building Automation" European suppliers will present new solutions for interoperable building systems. The companies to be represented include ABB, ALRE-IT Regeltechnik, Bihl + Wiedemann, Danfoss, J2 Innovations, Johnson Controls, Oppermann Regelgeräte, SAUTER, SE-Elektronic, Tridium, TÜV SÜD and numerous logo exhibitors. The joint stand will provide planners, integrators and users such as the airports, the Deutsche Bundesbank, the Austrian Armed Forces and public administrators with the ideal location to exchange technical information.

    The investors and constructors of multi-purpose urban buildings and indoor mobility will be invited to other special events at ISH in Frankfurt. In view of the upcoming "BACnet Indoor Mobility Conference" from 26–27 September 2019 – also in Frankfurt – they will be informed about the new possibilities of BACnet.

    According to the latest BSRIA study [the UK's "Building Services Research and Information Association"], the BACnet communication standard has reached a global market coverage of 64%. Analysts expect further growth in the next five years. BACnet offers the platform to become the leading IoT standard with the possibility of combining all applications into one network. With indoor mobility, elevators and escalators, it opens up new application areas and offers the implementation of communication in cloud systems."

  • Atlanta Meeting Wrap-up! (1/19) Atlanta, GA. Here is a summary of the highlights of the SSPC meeting that took place in January in the shadow of Mercedes Benz arena, the site of this year's Superbowl! Thanks to SSPC Secretary Scott Ziegenfus, Hubbell Lighting, for this report.
    • Interpretation Request for Out_Of_Service Property
      An interpretation was made of whether the Multi-state Input Out_Of_Service Property being TRUE means its fault algorithm would not be evaluated. This was found to be incorrect and that the fault algorithm continues to be evaluated when the Out_of_service property is TRUE. 
    • Addendum 135-2016bs "Elevator BIBBS and Device Profiles" was voted out for publication
      New elevator application specific BIBBs are added. These new BIBBS are based on the existing or extended common BIBBs, exclude some requirements not relevant for elevator applications, and add specific requirements that are relevant for elevator applications. New elevator device profiles are added in new device profile families for elevator devices.
    • Addendum 135-2016bw "Add Time Series Data Exchange Format" was voted out for publication
      It was agreed to add a simple, universal data exchange format for the transfer of time series data between various platforms for operations such as analyzing the energy performance of buildings. This format is designed for export from databases in servers or workstation-class computers with user interfaces.  It is not intended to replace the BACnet ReadRange service in devices or the queryable history services provided by BACnet Web Services.
    • Addendum 135-206bx "Device Address Proxy" was voted out for public review
      This addendum is working towards minimizing the traffic on large networks resulting from broadcast Who-Is requests and I-Am responses by adding a device address proxy table inside of the router.  The router still discovers and re-discovers each device on its networks and updates its proxy table.  Who-Is requests going to a proxy network will be responded to with an I-Am request by the router just as if a packet had been generated by the device being sought.
    • In BACnet International news, Emily Hayes will be the new BTL Manager and Rich Ruel will assume the newly created position of Technical Services Manager. Former SSPC chairman Carl Neilson will become a BTL Technical Advisor to assist Emily with BTL related initiatives and issues.
    • BACnet International has a new on-line course for Facility Managers called "Facility Manager's Guide to Building Automation".

Coming Events

  • January 30-February 3, 2020, SSPC Meeting, Orlando, FL
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